Two Brides Wed at Wadsworth Mansion


Two brides kiss at their wedding at The Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown CT during COVID

Stacy and Jessica’s wedding at The Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill in Middletown CT almost didn’t happen due to this crazy year. These two held fast to making their wedding happen this year as safely as they could. They just wanted to be married, it was super important to them. Their day was absolutely GORGEOUS, with the gift of a beautiful day, high hopeful spirits and just so much love. Like most people I was a little nervous to be around people and curious how it would affect my work. After a few minutes I just slipped into my new norm, maintaining a safe distance, staying masked and just getting lost in the magic of what was happening. The two ladies were joining their families together and were surrounded by so much joy, love and light. It was magical and something my soul just needed!

Being back to work at The Wadsworth Mansion after a long hiatus was also something my soul needed. I absolutely LOVE working there! The space is so inspiring, inside and out and I felt rejuvenated to come back and create more beautiful work for my clients. Not to mention the staff, Jessica and Catie were so wonderful to work with. Ladies, I promise you I will be back there with you! On a side note to those couples looking for a SAFE way to host your wedding or event, The Wadsworth Mansion and their staff are determined to do it for you. Safety is such a big deal to me and to them, and I have to say I was super impressed with how they ran the whole beautiful event. Not to mention, their gorgeous Sperry Tent set up is out of this world gorgeous!

When I had my first call with Stacy and Jessica I felt it; that immediate amazing connection with two people who I just knew in my heart I would be working with. I knew it, and so did they. Not only that, but I truly feel a deeper friend connection to them both and really look forward to being their photographer for LIFE! It’s a thing, guys. I plan on sharing some stories over the next few months about how beautiful this continued connection can be with my clients. From their engagement sessions to their weddings, maternity, new homes, new growing families… it just fills me with so much love to think about!

Creative partners for Jessica + Stacy’s STUNNING wedding at The Wadsworth Mansion:

Photography: Yours Truly, Carla Ten Eyck, Hartford CT / @c10ike

Venue: The Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill, Middletown CT / @thewadsworthmansion

Stacy’s Wedding Gown:Kenneth Winston /  @kennethwinston designer : Bought at Classic Brides by Eva, Stratford CT

Jessica’s Wedding Gown: BHLDN / @BHLDN

Florals: Sola Wood Flowers / @solawoodflowers

Caterer: David Alan Hospitality, Berlin CT / @davidalanhospitalitygroup

DJ: Powerstation Events, Cheshire CT

Hair: Leah Bossett / Bohemian Hair Flow / @bohemianhairflow

Makeup: Marissa Dreyer + Faccia Bellas / @glam_marismua

Donut Cake: Donut Crazy / @donutcrazy

Centerpiece Pumpkins: Stacy + Jessica!

Videographer: Solomon Sheffield / @solosheff

Officiant: Nicholas Kapoor / @democraticguy


I can’t quite remember why she was pointing up but I am loving it!

This wallpaper is amazing and I missed it!

A bride on the balcony at her wedding cuddling Covid at The Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill, Middletown CT A bride walks down the stairs during her wedding during Covid at The Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill, Middletown CT A bride waits for her bride to appear at their first look at The Wadsworth Mansion, Middletown CT

There are many, many ways to do a first look, and for their wedding at the Wadsworth Mansion on this gorgeous afternoon we opted for the back to back approach! I have another blog post filled with tips and ideas coming soon. I know it can be overwhelming when planing a wedding to even consider doing one, and I will walk you through it all.

Two brides during their first look at their wedding at The Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill, Middletown CT

Before they turned around and saw one another, I decided to grab a photo of them right before.

Their reactions were great! I also love how the wedding party snuck to the door to watch!

This wedding party was full of life and excitement for their friends and it really showed in their photos!

Two brides and their wedding party during their wedding at The Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill, Middletown CT

This bridesmaid was FULL of personality I could have followed her around all day just getting her reactions to everything!

Two brides laugh with their wedding party during their wedding at The Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill, Middletown CT

The light up on the hill was calling my name and I heeded that call, baby. you better believe it! LOOK WHAT WE GOT!

My second photographer for the day (and most events because she is amazing) got this shot! Thank you Nikki Alekson!

Two brides kiss during their wedding party photos at their wedding at The Wadsworth Mansion, Middletown CT

I love this one so much. So beautiful!

Two brides laugh during their wedding party photos at their wedding at The Wadsworth Mansion, Middletown CT Two brides snuggle during their wedding photos at their wedding at The Wadsworth Mansion, Middletown CT

Can you tell I had fun frolicking in this wooded grove???

Their officiant set the True Tone for me! I was ALL for it and filled with total Pride all day long!

I loved how we could hear him crying during the ceremony. It was a really emotional one for many of us in the LGBTQ community as we face constant threats to our right to marry. Makes my heart really hurt. Jessica and Stacy addressed this during their ceremony and it made everyone really and truly realize that in addition to Covid stopping things the additional threat was others trying to take this away from us. Their wedding was such a powerful reminder for us all to keep fighting and not get complacent!

Honestly, it’s the chaos for me! If this doesn’t really and truly represent real life? I don’t know what does and I am 100% here for it! You can’t force perfection, sometimes you just have to embrace it, especially with little kids. I can guarantee you that when these littles are older these photos will be a source of lots of laughs!

Especially this one!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

Cocktails in the garden!

Curious how caterers are handling cocktail hour? I was too! I have to say I am a big fan of these individual plates for guests. Ready to roll on plates or in jars!

Sign of the times, am I right?

I wanted nothing more than to pick those donut cakes up and run away with them! They smelled so freaking amazing and according to Stacy + Jessica they were delicious! Being a gluten free gal, I could not indulge… but I enjoyed witching how much they loved them!


It’s always nice to take a moment during your party to just step back, and be alone together. Take it all in. Wear those leather jackets and dance!

Then like, take them off and smooch!

On my way out I turned around in my car and saw this. Had to stop and grab a shot! What a gorgeous venue to be married, Covid or not! The Wadsworth Mansion has my heart, guys!



I know a wedding is a wedding. Not a Mexican wedding, or a gay wedding. Not two older people getting married wedding or a second wedding. No plus size weddings. I do know that, and honestly would fit into many of those descriptors myself. I think it is really important to get ALL of my weddings out there for ALL of you potential clients to see yourselves in my work. Despite being told over the many years in business that I have been in (over 18 at this point!) that I need to find more of a niche market, I refuse. Don’t pigeon hole me, man! And that’s the thing. I am INCLUSIVE. Of everyone. Big, small, older. LGBTQ, left handed, 20 somethings with wedding parties of 30. Intimate bohemian. Elegant high end luxury. Destination. I want everyone to feel welcomed and seen. I want you to truly see yourself here in my work, and want to be a part of it. I want you to want to know how I see you, and your partner! I can see beauty and love in everyone.

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