Central Park Engagement Session NYC

A couple embraces on a desserted bridge during their engagement session in Central Park NYC during Covid

Who decides to head into Central Park in New York City during a pandemic? I do! At this point during this pandemic, I have learned to operate safely and not put myself or my clients at risk. As much as I love my job, it’s just not worth being unsafe. When Maggie and Dave asked me if I would travel into the city for their session, I didn’t hesitate. I knew it would be an amazing experience, since I had assumed Central Park at this point would be pretty empty. Add to it being early afternoon on a chilly weekday, and it was a veritable ghost town, in the best possible way!

I have spent YEARS going into the city for engagement sessions with my clients, and I have never in my LIFE seen it so deserted. It was…pretty amazing! Not having to deal with throngs of people, tons of photographers doing sessions, dog walkers, bike riders, rollerbladers, performers…honestly it was a breath of fresh air. We enjoyed the space to get to know one another even better without me having to feel overwhelmed at having to move quick before there were too many people or worse, I had to wait my turn for a popular spot to photograph in!

That only happened briefly for a moment at the Bethesda Fountain where there were two others photographers working, but we circled one another nicely and all were able to do what we needed to do for our clients! I brought my daughter Georgie with me for the day. After being a remote learner all year, she needed a day out with her Momma enjoying some new sights, and I was grateful for the day with my favorite daughter. Every time I talk about Central Park with her I gush about all of the movies that were made here. How it’s SUCH a major world landmark and we are so lucky to just be able to bop on in for the day and enjoy it then head home. Especially now, during a pandemic. We don’t have to take the train (although I was super bummed to not be able to, it’s honestly part of the fun!) We can just drive in, park and then head back when we want!

So of course, when she asked me which movies were made here, all I could think about were my era of movies, Stepmom, When Harry Met Sally, One Fine Day- basically all rom com BS movies that people my age loved! But then I remembered Elf, Enchanted, Home Alone 2, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Friends with Benefits (Hello Justin Timberlake!) There are so many honestly it is just such an iconic park with to much history and interesting stories.

A couple poses for photos during their engagement session in an empty Central Park NYC during covid A couple poses for photos during their engagement session in an empty Central Park NYC near the Bethesda Fountain during covid

The Central Park Mall is one of the most iconic places in Central Park , to me. I just love the big wide expanse of walkway, where horse drawn carriages used to roll down and people would mingle in the park. Now it has hot dog carts (a favorite of mine, hello) street performers and pedestrians just outside enjoying themselves. On the day we were there it was brisk and nearly empty! There was a lone saxophone player belting out some music, a cop car slowly patrolling the area and us.

Man I want to come back here to the Wisteria Pergola in the Spring and see it absolutely DRIPPING with wisteria!

The Cherry Hill fountain was designed by the same person who did the Bethesda Fountain and tell me Georgie and I didn’t think it was the fountain from the opening sequence of Friends! HA!

Iconic, beautiful Bow Bridge. It just feels so New York to me. Beautiful, elegant, maybe has some unsavory characters stumbling across it, maybe some dog walkers. I love it! I especially loved it when we were there, there was literally NO ONE ELSE THERE! Never in my life have I seen Central Park so empty. Made my heart hurt a little, but if I had to find a silver lining, that may have been it.

The Ramble is so gorgeous and windy and woodsy and filled with amazing species of birds. I love how you can have all that nature and still see the New York City skyline peeping over the trees.

We popped on over to Belvedere Castle, a structure intense originally just to be…pretty with no real purpose. Who knew! That changed when the National Weather Service started using it to take measurements and it ends dup being both beautiful AND useful!

Maggie and Dave, thank you both for trusting me to be your photographer. I had so much fun poking around Central Park with you both, and treasured the day with my daughter as well. I am beyond excited for your wedding next year!


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