Two Brides Emotional Tented Wedding in Glastonbury CT


Two brides cry at their tented CT backyard wedding ceremony

To say my two brides back yard wedding in Glastonbury CT was emotional… well, that would be the understatement of the year! It was all of the emotional, all of the laughing and the crying and the laugh-crying combos you could imagine, all balled up into one big perfect beautiful day. And I’m just talking about MY emotions! I wish I was kidding- but honestly, when I can be so present at a wedding where I feel so close and connected to the couple getting married, that I can actually imagine me up there at the altar with my bae… that a thing of beauty right there.

The morning started off easy, calm, and lovely. Everything was happening on site, at Jenna and Jasmine’s home in Glastonbury CT, where there were no additional travel stressors for anyone- always a plus! We moved about their home observing, taking it all in, while my soul sister Catie Bane did her thing with her hair and makeup, and flowers showed up, and the tent was getting all prettied up and the ceremony arch was all set and waiting. I love watching the day unfold, with everyone scurrying about, getting everything put in its place; ferns here, benches there. And then in one moment you look over and it’s done and it’s TIME.

Jenna and Jasmine told me from the first meeting that they were going to get ready together and there would be no formal first look. I haven’t had a couple do this, that I can actually recall so there is the rare chance that I could’ve but just don’t remember… but I have to say, it was so easy and fun and made them both happy and comfortable. That is what it’s all about for me: having a happy, relaxed couple on their wedding day! It just makes room for all of the other emotions to surface. And boy oh boy did they!

Their vows just about pushed me (and everyone present) into a crying jag of happy emotion. Almost to the point that the two of them were crying so hard during Jasmine’s vows that they legit called a ceremony time out so they could gather themselves, whip out their handkerchiefs and mop up those tears and continue. We all took a second to settle our breathing and wipe our tears and then get back to it all, where Jasmine was so sweetly talking about TWILIGHT and like, how it played a role in their relationship! I laugh-cried because I can admit it has played a part in some conversations I have had with past and present loves (and I am guessing by the loud laughter from their people it was a topic of conversation in theirs as well) But guys, freaking TWILIGHT!! So funny, and so relatable.

After Jenna and Jasmine sealed those heartfelt vows with a kiss, they marched down the aisle, still wiping away tears and settled in right away into the big wave of love and happiness that their friends and family brought with them. It was beautiful, and honest and real, and I was smiling the whole day, watching everything unfold right before me. Sometimes I felt like I was right smack in the middle of it all, and sometimes I felt like I was watching from a far, but I was there, fully present, with my big ole’ heart beating in time with theirs.



Creative Partners for the Day:

Venue: Private Residence in Glastonbury, CT

Planning: Brian Mullen from A Thyme to Cook, North Stonington CT

Hair + Makeup: Catie Bane, Willow Salon, Guilford CT

Florist: A Gala Affair

Catering: A Thyme to Cook, North Stonington CT

Jenna’s Gown: Mariella’s Creations, Rocky Hill CT

Jasmine’s + Groomsmen Suits: Studio Suits

Jasmine’s Shirt: Proper Cloth

Cupcake Truck: Nora Cupcake, Middletown CT

DJ: Dave Murphy from Mike Connolly Productions

Tent + Rentals: CT Rental Center

Bathrooms: C&S Portable Restrooms

Harpist: Grace Cloutier

Photographer: Carla Ten Eyck, Carla Ten Eyck Photography, Hartford CT

Second Photographer: Nikki Alekson

As much fo a first look as was even needed, I love how Jasmine pops her face in the door and sees Jenna getting all gussied up!

Bride puts on earrings in her lace wedding gown


Bride checks herself in the mirror on her wedding day in Glastonbury CT Bride in the woods wearing a lace wedding gown with a eucalyptus wedding bouquet in Glastonbury CT

When we chatted about picture locations they casually mentioned having ‘some woods’ in their back yard they they never really venture into. GUYS. Hello. Go venture into these woods more, they are so dreamy and gorgeous and make for the best pics!!

Happy bride in her lace wedding gown and her greenery wedding bouquet at her wedding in Glastonbury CT Butch Femme brides on their wedding day in Glastonbury CT Two brides snuggle on their wedding day at their tented backyard wedding in Glastonbury CT


Two brides kiss on their wedding day at their back yard tented wedding in Glastonbury CT Two brides laugh at their back yard tented wedding in Glastonbury CT Two brides one in a custom suit on her wedding day in Glastonbury CT Plus size bride in her lace wedding gown in Glastonbury CT Two brides high five on their wedding day in Glastonbury CT Two brides walk in the woods on their wedding day in Glastonbury CT Two brides get married in their back yard in Glastonbury CT Two emotional brides wed in their back yard in Glastonbury CT

Cue the tears!

Two emotional brides during their back yard wedding ceremony in Glastonbury CT Two brides wipe tears during an emotional wedding ceremony in their back yard in Glastonbury CT Two brides are emotional during their back yard wedding ceremony in Glastonbury CT

The flowers and greenery were so perfect and lovely!

Hiiiii. Jasmine and Jenna I adore you both and can’t wait to go back to the Hog River Brewery with you and then we can go throw some axe’s at Pine and Iron! Or maybe in the other order. #safer

The guests!

Their playful nature was really comfortable to be around, but I also loved those moments where they both felt so safe with me, that they could just settle into on another and just…. be.

This is by their recycle bins guys! JUST TRUST ME! (thanks byeee)

Candid Mom Snuggle!

And this is the part where emotion turned into dancing!

OK, OK, back to more crying! LOVE


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