As a collaborative team player by nature,
I'm excited to create something beautiful together!

about me

It's the end of the night. I'm in the corner drinking my requisite Diet Coke and packing my gear when my assistant says, "Turn around, quick!".

I see this moment unfolding: the couples' grandfather had lovingly picked up his own wedding photo with his wife, who had passed away, and gently kissed it.

He stood there a moment, reflecting, and we stood in the shadows crying as he gently placed their treasured wedding photo back on the table.

I will never forget this moment, as a photographer or as a human.

As your photographer, I use my ears as much as I use my eyes

And I will always be on the lookout for images like this, for you. aren't always sure where to land. Don't worry, I've got you! And I'll gently guide you throughout your day so you can both be fully present.

This whole process is about teamwork. While I would love to be, I am not a magician. We need to vibe well together to create images like you see on my site. How? Trust. Communication. Guidance. Honesty. Collaboration.

Earning this trust and creating this comfort is literally one of my favorite things because it gives us freedom to create beautiful, natural images together. And that's the ultimate team achievement!

like when you walk into a party alone...

Making sure you are comfortable is really important to me

After graduating from RIT with my BFA in photojournalism, and many internships at prestigious news agencies under my belt,  I found myself burned out.

Then, I brought my camera to a few weddings and discovered how much fun they were!

I loved the behind-the-scenes, all-access pass I had to everything. People were dressed in their best, and they actually wanted me there - unlike many news events I had covered. There were portraits and candids and action and details and landscapes. It was everything in one day and I got absolutely HOOKED.

I always wanted to be a photojournalist

"Carla is fun-loving and we knew we wanted her energy at our wedding!"
-Katie Hasson

It's not just how you see stuff, it's how you feel stuff too.

As a parent and a past bride, I experience your event through many lenses. 

I use my eyes to see the action. Or observe the stillness. Or to catch the light. I use my ears to hear tone. Or the boisterous stories and raucous Aunt's laughter.
Or even, to sit in silence.

I feel the cold crisp air in my lungs, and I think about ways to show how cold it is in your photos. Or how to show you how beautiful the rain really is. Or how the warm breeze catches your veil and lifts it gently right before you walk down the aisle with your father. 

I seek out ways to show the smell of the fire pit as it comes alive and the glow as it just barely lights your face.  I can literally feel the love radiating from your partners eyes as they look lovingly at you. I want to show you that!

Can't you see and feel all of that?
I can, too and I can't wait to show you how I observe you both on your day.

When I work, I employ all my senses.

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and a Mexican-American woman, inclusivity is personal.

As a plus sized woman, I have struggled with my weight for years and used to HATE being photographed. 

I learned to loosen up and feel comfortable when I felt the photographer I worked with truly understood my struggles and saw who I really was.

Feeling safe and comfortable with your photographer can yield some amazing results: you being your best self!

To me, inclusivity isn't just a buzz word

Before I start photographing you, I will explain the process. So, you'll know what to expect.

While I work, you will literally hear me directing, laughing, and possibly yelling with excitement, OK definitely yelling with excitement as long as there aren't horses around! 

I get excited: you get excited! We feed off each other's energy and have the best time! (But I also know when to take a step back and just observe.) And, no matter what, I will be mindful of your needs first and foremost.

How will you know I am getting what I need?

Want to dig even deeper?

I remind myself to be fully present for your day, to use my ears, my eyes and my heart. To imagine all of the stories I don't know about each guest. And to photograph with intention and care, for you.

Fun Fact


On my way to your event I play music that gets me in the zone. Then, I sing my heart out to Yacht Rock in the car. Hall & Oates, anyone?

Musical Fun Fact


I love my pre-wedding process so much! I clean my gear, charge my batteries, format my cards. As soon as I start, it calms me and gets me in the FLOW!  Yes, so nerdy, I know. But you try using canned air and not getting excited!

Workflow Fun Fact

let's do this!

I value connection deeply, so I only accept an exclusive number of events per calendar year. This allows me to focus on excellent customer service with my clients. And hopefully, this means you!

I can't wait to connect with you!