Winter St. Clements Castle Wedding Preview with Carla Ten Eyck

Oh, yesterday. I am still processing my feelings from Rachel and Gabby’s wedding but am so excited to share a few of the images from their super emotional, super amazing day.  Gabby and Rachel are the most eloquent writers, their vows just about blew the roof off the church, there was not a dry eye in sight. I was literally stopped in my tracks to the point where I set my camera down so I could absorb the words better. I felt completely transformed. I plan on writing so much more when I post their full post here so without further ado I will share some of the images that spoke to me most.

My creative partners for the day:

venue: St. Clements Castle, Portland CT

ceremony: First Congregational Church of Southington CT

flowers: The Green Dahlia


Just look how Gabby’s face absolutely lights up as soon as her veil is on!!!

Right as Gabby rounded the corner and saw her future wife’s face….

Rachel is an associate Pastor at the church, so it was so meaningful to watch her colleagues and friends marry her and Gabby!

Hands raised in prayers of love and support for Rachel and Gabby’s marriage.

They brought their daughters up for a blessing and gift.

After the ceremony, Gabby had a moment alone to reflect quietly and just allow her feelings to swirl about and then settle. She sat there glowing, with her hands clasped in her lap, and I was moved to tears as I made this portrait of her.

Ladies: cue the scary movie laughter!

Rachel is just the biggest Sassafrass, and I am OBSESSED!!

Annnnddd….. cue the yelling and freaking out!!!


Gabby and Rachel, thank you so much for allowing me for trusting me with your wedding day! I wish you both so much love!! XOXOXOXOX

  1. Lillian Daniel says:

    What a gift. Curses to Influenza B that prevented me from attending but what a blessing these beautiful photos are.

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