Robin and Elise’s Joyful Wedding at The Bee and Thistle Inn Old Lyme CT

Meeting Robin and Elise at my home studio in Hartford one afternoon, I knew right away that I was their photographer, and they were my client. Our conversation was effortless, and easy and listening to how their day was unfolding before me in my living room just made me excited to be there with Robin, Elise and their closest friends and family. When the day finally did arrive it was hot hot hot. Like, movie hot. So super hot! But honestly you would never ever know by just the images as everyone kept cool in the shade of a huge tree during the ceremony, and even cooler during the cocktail hour in the shady sunken garden area.

Their wedding was non traditional in so many ways, and watching each event present itself was so fun! Let’s start with the canoe ride. Yep. The canoe ride! Before their ceremony began, Elise and Robin were saged and went out for a canoe ride to help calm their nerve and give them some time to connect with one another, alone before all of the revelry and celebration began. It was such a different way to start a ceremony and so fun watching them paddle by their friends and family all seated and ready for them!

The top image was during our portrait session when the wonderful staff brought over what they called a ‘sweetheart plate’ and this was the look on their faces, they were PUMPED! I mean, who wouldn’t be?


To signify the start of the ceremony, officially, Elise’s daughter Josey blew a ceremonial conch shell!

They brought their dog Ezze to the festivities, and although she was a little shy around crowds, she literally did not leave their side the entire day!

Folk music by Rani Arbo & the Daisy Mayhem in the ferns, cocktails in the shade… it was a perfect afternoon!

Literally. Every single image has a tiny little part of Ezzy in it, she would not leave their side!

The swing at the Bee and Thistle Inn is magical…!!

Robin and Elise were ‘leid’ by their officiant, Marcella but also exchanged rings, I loved the detail of it!

Married, in love and dancing under the shade of a big beautiful tree to some amazing music, what could be better than this?

Having toasts in the sunken garden was super beautiful, I loved how the light played off of everyone!

Congratulations Robin and Elise, thank you so much for trusting me with your special day! XOXOXOXO

Creative Partners for the day:

venue: The Bee and Thistle Inn, Old Lyme CT

catering and cake: The fabulous team at the Bee and Thistle Inn

music: Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem

adorable pup: Ezzy

floral: Green Dahlia, Middletown CT

  1. Mari Fore says:

    What a joy to see your family of four. Each being looked amazing.
    I may have been premature about Elise’s hair, looks +great. So beyond
    happy to see this. Cultivate!????❤️????????????

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