Mill No. 5 Engagement Session

Meeting Hanna and Kathryn for our initial session on zoom was WAY more fun than meetings should be. We laughed so much and I felt an instant connection to them both. They booked with me before the meeting ended and I was ecstatic! Their energy and love was so palpable for one another and I couldn’t wait to just bask in that love at their engagement session at Mill No. 5 in Lowell MA and wedding at the Roger Williams Botanical Garden in Providence Rhode Island.

During our call we discussed doing an engagement session. I always ask my clients if they have an idea of time of year or location they were thinking about and Hanna and Kathryn both said they LOVED the Mill No. 5 in Lowell Mass. I’m familiar with it because one of my dearest friends has her photography studio in it, and it is truly a magnificent and cool space. I was immediately excited to adventure over to the Mill on a blustery day.

Hanna and Kathryn had suggested going on this walking path by UMass Lowell and I was down to clown. It was SO windy, so we had to bob and weave all about to find cover in some spots. I likes the challenge of it all and that we all had fun doing it!

Lowell, Mass has such an industrial look and feel to it. It was also fun to hear Hanna and Kathryn take their trip down memory lane during the walk and our session.

Our session felt really collaborative, which I LOVED! They were great about pointing out little spots that spoke to them and I really enjoyed stopping to create images that showed that, with them. As I tell my clients; our relationship is COLLABORATIVE.

I am not a magician and just create all of this alone with no input. It’s teamwork, and I value what you value! If you value that ivy, then GIRL let’s make some images there!

When we were done getting our butts kicked by the wind, we headed back over to Mill No. 5 in Lowell MA. It was warm and delicious in there and we couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to do our session. The light was warm and delicious and it wasn’t crowded. So we took our time poking about in the nooks and crannies of the space and just had fun!

Gorgeous light abounded at every turn! I was in an adventurous mood and so were they, and I was so grateful.

Loved the light in this hallway, and the color, obviously!

We saved this stairway nook for last and honestly old have done an entire session JUST in this stairway! It was dynamic, interesting, had such gorgeous light and texture and color! I was freaking out and laughing and we had a great time creating these images together.

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