CT Apple Orchard Engagement Session

I have a favorite season. FALL. The end! In New England, of course! So when Hilary and Jon said they wanted to do their engagement session during the fall at an apple orchard, I was pumped. Now, I have a confession to make… I have never been apple picking! As a CT native this is kind of embarrassing, especially since I love all things to do during the fall in New England! Not only that, in almost 20 years of photographing weddings and engagements I had never done an apple orchard engagement session before. So there we were, in this stunning apple orchard in Glastonbury CT in the late afternoon, on the most perfect fall day.


We started in the parking lot of the apple orchard to warm up and get into a groove. Most of my clients are a little nervous and not sure what to do. I typically chat with them before we start and let them know what to expect; how I am mostly driven by light, then by location or color. There was some fall color along the parking lot with a low, easily accessible stone wall. I figured that would be a great place to start and so there we went! I explain that the first fifteen or so minutes are … uncomfortable… as we figure out our groove. Who spends time being professionally photographed? Not many people, so there is a bit of a comfort curve to work through. Not with Hilary and Jon! They found comfort in each other- MY FAVORITE THING EVER- and just cuddled and laughed and were present for and with each other, like IMMEDIATELY!

These were mere minutes into our session! The cuddle, the comfort, the love! It was palpable and beautiful and I was literally screaming inside my head I was so excited for this. This is what I want for all of my clients to feel!

Driven by color… so we scooted over this little situation to go visit with some fall color…

As Chandler Bing would say ‘Could this tree BE any more perfect?’

Then I looked to the left and saw a brilliant little splotch of fall color and asked them if they were OK venturing deeper into the unknown… and they were both excited to!

This little unseen parking lot nook was the PERFECT example of not needing to know so much information about a location, because hey, sometimes serendipity happens and look what we discover! That tends to happen with me a lot anyway, because my clients can’t always understand how I see what I see. Everyone has their strengths in life, and knowing how to interpret light and color are tow things I am…pretty OK at if I say so myself!

As it turns out, the best fall color always seems to be on the side of the highway as I am driving to where I am headed to work. Literally all the time I am driving I fantasize about pulling over and setting up my fall minis on the side of Route 2 or 84 West! For obvious reasons we can’t do that… but I never stop thinking about it! Onward we forged to the apple orchard! One thing I was surprised about was how many apples were on the ground under all of the trees… I just wasn’t expecting that! Also, the cider-y-ish smell that was in the air was… interesting!

But if there is something that blows my hair back, it’s fruit on a tree! MAN. It really gets me in the CRAW!! Look how beautiful that is!

Hilary brought this adorable basket to put her apples in, and I was all for it! What a cute idea!

Then we stumbled upon this little stream with these gorgeous yellow trees…..OOOOF.

If we could go back and have a little picnic here I totally would!

While driving to the apple orchard for their engagement session I drove by a spot I had always wanted to check out. While we wound down I mentioned it to Hilary and Jon and they were excited to go explore with me! And they are ADVENTUROUS!! They climbed right up on this giant log that spanned the river and made it look super easy and fun and it made for some fun photos.

This little tree stump covered in mushrooms was magical and both Hilary and I were squealing over it!

Hilary and Jon, thank you for being up for exploring, for breaking some rules together and pushing through when things weren’t going the way we had planned. If this can be a testament to how I work, I welcome that! That’s just how life is, right. It’s how you can roll with that and adapt and evolve that really matters, especially with your photographer. What would happen on your wedding day if something went wrong? Who would kick into action, exploring contingency plans that they already had in their brains (hello, it me) all while making you feel like you were in good hands? HI. That’s me! I can’t wait for your wedding next summer at The Lace Factory┬áin Essex CT with Chelsea from Pearl Weddings + Events!


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  1. Jeff says:

    Beautiful job for this couple, Carla! I miss working with you (and other photographers/art directors) especially styling your food shots, and I miss Connecticut Autumn. Thanks for some happy memories!

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