Wadsworth Mansion Engagement Session

A couple hugs during their engagement session at the Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown CT

Katie and Pete’s summer engagement session at The Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown CT went ahead despite the crazy rain we were promised, and I am so happy it did. Mother Nature sure delivered the much needed rain but also left us completely alone on the grounds of the majestic Wadsworth Mansion. We got to leisurely poke about the grounds and the many giant and quite famous hydrangea bushes!

I had just photographed a wedding the Saturday before, and discovered the garden at the far end of the lawn. I was marveling at how wonderful the garden was and decided to ‘just ask and see’ if Katie and Pete would be open to swapping their engagement session location that we had coming up. Luckily, they were game to change it and viola! We got to play in the rain and the hydrangeas and also get a bit of history on the estate as well!

The grove of trees on the property of the Wadsworth Mansion is quite popular of couples to be photographed in. You can clearly see why, it’s gorgeous!

A couple dances in the grove of trees during their Wadsworth Mansion Engagement session in Middletown CT

The facade of the Wadsworth Mansion is also quite stunning and is featured prominently in so many couples’ wedding and engagement photographs. For good reason, as you can see…!

The Wadsworth Mansion not only has all of these gorgeous elements of a vast lawn, ginormous hydrangea bushes and gardens, tree groves but also wooded paths, moss covered stone walls and a wide, wonderful carriage trail!

A couple snuggles by a stone wall at their Wadsworth Mansion engagement session in Middletown CT
A couple kisses by the bridge at their Wadsworth Mansion engagement session in Middletown CT

Katie and Pete, I am so excited to photograph your wedding next year at The Lord Thompson Manor! This rainy afternoon with you showed me how kind, caring and interested in bird watching you are! That Merlin app you recommended, Pete, is so cool I have been geeking out on it since your session. For anyone interested in knowing more about birds (nerd alert over here and I love it!) check out the app- Merlin Bird ID!

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