Mamaroneck Yacht Club NY Wedding


Stephanie and Adam’s winter wedding at Mamaroneck Yacht Club in Mamaroneck NY was a long long LONG time in the making. I’m not just talking about covid delays here, although they had their fair share! They have been together off and on since high school, their lives intertwined in lots of beautiful ways, as you would imagine after so many years. They have a beautiful daughter together, they share a beautiful home together and their families are all quite familiar with one another. Even the priest at the wedding made some ‘it’s about TIME’ jokes during the ceremony! It’s been a long few years, for all of us. But it seemed to feel even longer and harder for them. I was so so excited for Stephanie and Adam to finally have their wedding!


Creative partners for Stephanie and Adam’s amazing winter wedding at The Mamaroneck Yacht Club in Mamaroneck NY:

Church: Saint Pius X Church

Wedding Reception Venue: Mamaroneck Yacht Club, Mamaroneck NY


Adam got ready at their home with Nikki while I was with Stephanie and her family at her Dad’s house.

This whole situation had me ROLLING! That’s Adam in the poster from a dance recital! His family is so gregarious and full of laughter, I loved being around them.

Stephanie has a ring on her finger that Adam gave her when they were in high school- I believe it’s made out of grass? She kept it all of these years and it was really important to her to wear it on their wedding day!

This little couch was the setting for their prom pictures together… oh memory lane, you get me right in the kisser!!!!! Such a sweet memory for Stephanie to reminisce about on her wedding day.

You certainly can’t tell how absolutely FRIGID it is right now during these portraits. And super windy! Stephanie did not complain ONCE. She wanted some photos by the water and so that’s what we did! Totally worth it.

I love this photo of Stephanie’s hands with the ring, alongside her daughter’s hands…

The much anticipated face of her soon to be husband, Adam. I love how he wears his heart on his sleeve!

even the priest mentioned the ring Adam made Stephanie in high school!

And they are officially….MARRIED!

And we thought it was cold before…. once the sun went down it was FREEZING OUT! We rocked these portraits so fast outside! Good thing Adam could snuggle Stephanie to keep her a tiny bit warm during these! Then it was time to let loose and PARTY! That was the most important part to their day, they really wanted to see every guest and spend time with them all.

A bride and groom rock the gazebo for their wedding portraits at their Mamaroneck Yacht Club wedding in Mamaroneck NY A bride and groom brave the cold for their portraits at their Mamaroneck Yacht Club wedding in Mamaroneck NY

It almost looks like a warm summer night…

A bride and groom brave the cold for their winter portraits at their Mamaroneck Yacht Club wedding in Mamaroneck NY

The party begins….!

A bride and groom dance with their daughter at their Mamaroneck Yacht Club wedding in Mamaroneck NY

There were so many sweet moments with their daughter. Adam did a dance with her, it was so sweet!

A father dances with his daughter at his Mamaroneck Yacht Club wedding in Mamaroneck NY Guests dance at a Mamaroneck Yacht Club wedding in Mamaroneck NY

Stephanie and Adam: I am SO HAPPY for you both. I am happy to know you, to have witnessed your wedding and met all of your friends and family members! What a party it was!! Congratulations to you both, I wish you so much love and happiness together! XOXOXO

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