Belmont Country Club Belmont MA Wedding

A bride and groom kiss at there Belmont Country Club wedding in Belmont MA

When I first met with Emily and Alex about their Belmont Country Club wedding in Belmont MA, they had a problem. They were overwhelmed by all of the choices for photographers out there. At the time we met, they had already talked with other photographers and as far as they were concerned, perhaps I was just another one there to overwhelm them! As our zoom meeting progressed I listened to what they were looking for, and realized that sometimes THAT is the problem itself; sometimes you have NO IDEA what you are even looking for when you start out!

With some guidance we discovered they wanted a mixture of it all; beautiful portraits where they don’t feel awkward, thoughtfully captured details, natural light portraits, family portraits, fun candids – all of my clients value this piece so much- BUT – balanced with photos that require a little direction as well. That’s something many potential clients, and maybe even you reading this now, don’t even know you need. A balance! Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, and after almost 20 years of professionally photographing weddings and events I am here to help you with that.

Candids are wonderful, but with true candids there is no guarantee you will get what you need to tell the full story of your wedding. Now, I don’t stage anything. What I do is gently guide the timeline that I have worked up in partnership with you before your wedding, to make time for all of the parts of the day that you value. We start the day relaxed while getting ready. We make time for your first look, your portraits – that are a mix of fun candids and gently guided ones. Every one of my clients value their family portraits, so we make plenty of time for these, which incidentally I do in an organized and efficient manner, because each and every one is super important. At Alex and Emily’s wedding I had Michael, Alex’s brother lead the charge because there were so many different groups to do, and I welcomed the help! We had a blast and got literally every photo imaginable.

The ceremony I am completely hands off, not there to interfere or distract at all. Same with the reception, I know where I need to be to get what I get during toasts, parent dances and even the hora- smack in the middle of it all, getting the most fun, chaotic dance images that really show how much fun everyone is having! Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Creative partners for Emily and Alex’s amazing wedding at The Belmont Country Club in Belmont MA:

Ceremony, Reception + Catering: Belmont Country Club: @belmontculinary

Wedding Dress Designer: Monique Lhuillier – @moniquelhuillierbride

Bridal boutique: L’Elite Bridal – @lelitebridal

Alex’s Suit: Suit Supply – @suitsupply

Florals + Decor: Deryck Dematas – @deryckny

Invitations: Gus & Ruby Letterpress – @gusandrubyletterpress

Name Cards + Menu Cards: Minted – @mintedweddings

Band: Soho / Nightshift Entertainment – @night_shift_entertainment

Hair: Kayla Capone @kaycapone

Makeup: Natalie Shafie – @natalieshafie_bridalbeauty

Cake: Party Favors – @partyfavorsbrookline

Wedding Coordinator: Kelly Elizabeth Events – @kellyelizabethevents

Rentals: The Event Co –

To help ease into your experience with having a professional photographer around, I typically start with details. Your paper, your dress or suit, flowers. All strung together these thoughtfully chosen details help craft the full story of your wedding day. How long did you spend choosing everything? Let’s remember it all! I brought in some freshly fallen leaves from outside to help bring in that time of year to their details. I am so glad I did, I love how the red leaves just make their invitation suite pop!

Sharing the details really highlights the balance that I am talking about here. If I was an only ‘all candid’ photographer these wouldn’t exist to make your story complete!

Even Emily getting ready in the locker room of the Belmont Country Club tells a story. Her family are members so this is a place that is actually meaningful to them. As an avid golfer I get it! I am attached to the courses I belong to and play at!

An impromptu first look with her family!

If you are doing a first look on your wedding day, the location choice can feel super overwhelming! I totally understand that and am here to help. I choose mine based on a few things: lighting and privacy. This side of the Belmont Country Club was in a shaded area, and I really loved how the plants were photographing as well. It offered two angles and plenty of space for me to not be in their face for it, they could just…be.

We had such a spacious and wonderful timeline with plenty of time built in to explore the grounds of the Belmont Country Club. The foliage was still not in full glory, so I was creative in where we went to show the color they did have!

Driving in, I was scouting and scheming, as I tend to do when I start at a wedding. I actually missed the turn for the Belmont Country Club because this stunning tree caught my eye! When I checked with Carol, the event manager at the club, she took a ride over to make sure us photographing there wouldn’t interfere with the players on the course. We got the green light to go and BAM! We were off! Side note: again, as an avid golfer I am fully aware of the rules and how to not be distracting to the players or break any course rules! Side bonus for you! Plus you can always go golfing with me, second side bonus for you!

THIS!!!!! Color or no color (don’t worry Emily + Alex, you get both versions!) this image is GORGEOUS!!

This little non area area was AMAZING visually for the color and it also smelled terrific.

Emily had this playful smile and eyebrow thing she would do to Alex and it was making me laugh and squeal!

Deryck Dematas did the STUNNING florals for Emily and Alex’s event and I was just in awe of his work. He gave my name to Alex and Emily as a potential option for them and I couldn’t be more grateful! I don’t refer anyone lightly and I know Deryck does not as well. Emily, Alex and I clicked immediately! Deryck, thank you so much for connecting us all together!

You can see I keep backing up. More. and more. and more.

Then I spotted this one lone yellow bush, literally by a dumpster maybe? Emily and Alex trusted me so much they followed me there!! I love these windy, colorful images!

The wedding party gowns are just so gorgeous all together!

How stunning is this chuppa??

Alex’s Mom’s hand on his back just gets me right in the heart. Her hand linking his grandfather, then his Dad’s hand on her shoulder. Symbolizes to me how we are all connected, whether we are touching or not. Ketubah signings to me are so deeply personal and special. I always feel so honored to be invited to document them, as they are so intimate.

Melissa, my second photographer and I got both views of this happy moment!

The happy couple gets to come in and see the finished ballroom before their guests arrive! Deryck knocked it out of the park!

In my almost 20 years of photographing weddings professionally I have NEVER seen a dance floor get mobbed as fast as it did for Emily and Alex’s! These folks were ready to PARTY!!!!

Melissa caught this shot of me right in the middle of the dance floor amongst all of the fun!

Emily and Alex. THANK YOU. You both brought your full, beautiful selves to your wedding and you let me have access to it all; the quiet moments, the emotional, raw moments, the joyful out of body dance moments. I loved every minute! Your dimple! That rogue eyebrow, the way Alex looked at you, Emily. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mazel Tov to you both! I hope our paths stay connected, I wish you all the best! XOXOXOX

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