Wellfleet Preservation Hall Wedding Cape Cod

A bride and groom walk on a sandy path at their Wellfleet Preservation Hall wedding on Cape Cod MA

A fall Wellfleet Preservation Hall wedding on Cape Cod sounded PERFECT on its own. Add to that the bride- Hannah- is the daughter of one of my most wonderful friends, Kate and it just gets better! Photographing weddings is something I love intensely, which is why I am going strong into my 20th year of business. You heard that right- TWENTY YEARS of photographing weddings, families, destination weddings and events and branding sessions and parties still with just as much, if not more passion than when I first got into this industry. Hannah and Chris’ Wellfleet Preservation Hall wedding reminded me deeply of how special photographs are, how special and intimate the access I am granted is. I was present with Hannah for moments that even her Mom, Kate was not. That really hit me deeply this past weekend as I thought about if my kids get married- will there be moments I won’t be there for? I mean, theoretically, of course… but I can’t imagine not having a camera in some capacity and documenting their day as I have been doing their entire lives. Kate, also a photographer, was camera-free. I asked her if that was hard and she said “No, because YOU are here!” That served as a reminder to me that her deep trust in me was freeing her up to be fully present for the entire day. These days being fully present for something you want to remember forever is a big deal. And having Kate really lean into that and trust me so that she can do that is also a really big deal! All in all, this sweet wedding served as such a big reminder to me as a wedding and event photographer that this is not something to take for granted, and I welcomed the reminder!

I started the wedding day with Hannah and her raucus wedding party a few houses down from where her grandmother lives on the Cape. It had this really sweet sandy road that wonderful around and led me to the fun. I knew as I drove down it that I would have Hannah and Chris walk down this iconic Cape Cod feeling road for some photos and man oh man I was not disappointed when I did!

Creative Partners for Hannah and Chris’ sweet wedding on Cape Cod:

Venue: Wellfleet Preservation Hall, Wellfleet MA  @prezhall

Wedding gown designer: Melissa Sweet @melissasweetbridal

Wedding gown shop: David’s Bridal@davidsbridal

Hair: Salty Mane Hair Bar, Hyannis MA @saltymanehairbar

Makeup: Wanderess Beauty Co. @wanderessbeautyco

Getting ready tie dye jumpers: Sierra Trading Post 

Pizza Truck wedding catering: Pizza Barbone, Hyannis MA @pizzabarbone

Wedding cake: Wendy Spampinato

Appetizers: Sam Stymest

Florals: Jesse Ceraldi @rhombus_dome

Hannah had her ladies all decked out in these ADORABLE blue jumpers from Sierra Trading Company that I immediately was wanting. Kate had on a pants version and there was also a robe. The house they were in was decked in lots of blues and incidentally I also had some navy and light blue! The color scheme was on point from the start and made my heart feel so light and happy. There are two members of the wedding party who are pregnant so feeling some baby kicks was fun to watch as well!

Hannah’s sister Sunny is another fan favorite over here in my home!She is just the most beautiful soul and was so helpful the entire day!

I brought Hannah’s wedding bouquet out to the sandy lane for a pic. It just felt so wonderful to look at!

While the wedding party got ready, Sunny, Hannah and Kate headed down the sandy lane to get dressed with their grandmother, Nancy.

Hannah honestly could not look more adorable if she tried!

I was a little obsessed with Nancy’s crib! Her decor was also in the blue fam and I was in LOVE! The blue lobster print and the turtle were instant faves of mine!

This was a moment- there were so many!!!- where I was almost in an out of body place. I was doing my job of seeing it all, but as a friend I was also feeling it all for Kate and Nancy. I felt SO. INCREDIBLY. HONORED. to be there bearing witness to this with my friend!

Honestly, one of my favorite moments. When brides put on their earrings, I don’t know why but man it’s just such a beautiful gesture and also helped me get a detail of her grandmothers rings as well!

If there is an award for a first look Dick and Hannah win! This was so adorable and special.

Next up: MY NEW FAVORITE TREND THIS YEAR!!! First looks with bridesmaids! I had a client years ago who did this and I was like…hmmm. OK. What’s this…? But the more and more I do them I have to say holy cannoli the emotion and responses I capture are so much fun! I had chosen about 15 images for this part and only am posting 3! Like I always think when this happens… it’s like the moment in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy opens the door and everything is in color… it just takes your breath away and makes it all feel so real.

Again. These sea glass green dresses with the navy accents everyone else wore? TOP NOTCH COLOR BABY!!

Enter: Chris. I freaking ADORE this guy! He was so excited to be married he started wearing his wedding ring before the wedding even happened! Hannah wanted to do their first look on the bridge right past her Grandparents house and I was all about it!

Hannah and Chris decided to read their vows to one another on the bridge, just us. I recommended Sunny come to video, which she did and they were so happy she did! It was really emotional for them both, and they were so relieved to just have this moment alone.

Because I made the timeline with them, I factored in plenty of time to poke about for photos… and so we did! It felt relaxed and fun.

They had their wedding ceremony at First Encounter Beach with the reception following at Wellfleet Preservation Hall in Wellfleet MA. On our way out to the beach area Hannah found a wounded butterfly  so we had a little photo session with this beautiful creature.

Then this bunch rolls in… they are a lot of fun and just love one another so much! No toxic masculinity here! I really enjoyed all of the banter with them all so much.

I was grateful for low tide because this beach was so cool for photos!

Kate made this sign incorporating my saying ‘Eyes up, heart open’ – also the name of my podcast (which I know I know I need to get back to!)

So much emotion during the wedding ceremony on First Encounter Beach!

To anyone holding off on doing a first look because they want their future partner to see them for the first time as they walk down the aisle… (there are so many of you!) I always share stories about how my couples who will be emotional will STILL BE EMOTIONAL when they see you walking down to them. Chris was no exception,  he was really emotional! If your timeline allows for space to do photos after then hallelujah! But if it’s tight or you will sacrifice light or your cocktail hour? Consider doing one. You will NEVER REGRET IT I promise you!

Such excitement! I love it!

Hannah’s brother Rylan came in for a big brotherly hug after.

While we finished up family portraits I kept looking at this spot and did a quick session with them with the iconic Cape Cod dunes in the background. Even when you may feel tired or fatigued, when I ask you if you want to do photos PLEASE DO THEM! I work so fast and look at what you get to have after!

Wellfleet Preservation Hall in Wellfleet MA is just the most darling spot for a wedding. Especially when the weather holds out, which it did. We had the most perfect day!

Hannah mentioned wanting to scoot down to the Harbor for some sunset photos at 6:00. So we hopped in a car and Kate drove us down and we got some spic, beautiful photos of the two of them!

I loved how they were both wearing jean jackets and had that mix of glam and denim so much. I was so grateful that Kate got to be there for this fun moment with her daughter, and with me!

Sunny painted these for Hannah and Chris as a surprise! It’s their silhouette while fishing- Chris is a Boat Captain and fisherman!

They tore their cake UP it was so delicious!

These bouquet tossing photos had me DYING LAUGHING!! Sunny had that bouquet without a question! Must be all of those years of playing varsity volleyball!


Hannah and Chris. What can I even say?? I had so much fun with you both at your wedding and can’t wait to come back to visit and make more memories on the Cape with you all! Your wedding was so special and so filled with personal meaningful touches that I am so happy I got to be present for. Congratulations and thank you so much for trusting me with your day! XOXOXO

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