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  There are very few things in my line of work that have surprised me, really. I mean, when you photograph weddings regularly you pretty much have seen it all! But. When you get a call from a couple who are planning on surprising their families with a wedding when they think they are just […]

surprise wedding at the madison beach hotel with carla ten eyck

April 5, 2016

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  I met Christina + Nick during their engagement session at Yale a while back, knowing that they would be marrying in Colorado the next June, but they were all set for a photographer. They wanted to poke around Yale and give it a last go-round, as they would be moving to Colorado after graduating, […]

colorado springs wedding at the broadmoor hotel with carla ten eyck

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I first met up with Lindsey almost two years before her wedding. We ‘met’ on the phone, as most of my clients and I do these days, and instantly hit it off! We talked for a few hours and could have literally still been on the phone if we didn’t have to hang up. I’m […]

wedding in rockleigh nj with carla ten eyck

March 22, 2016

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This is a year of new things, and I am excited, nervous and ready for it all! After years of turning work away to do family portraits for people, I have decided to say yes to it… but with some stipulations. I want to create portraits my way. With light that gives me butterflies, in […]

mother’s day mini sessions

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Who I get asked to be a photographer’s photographer, it’s a little like winning the prize but also a little scary! Like, they know my tricks and my super slickness factor kind of goes out the window a bit! I met Kate years ago and has been an industry friend since way back, but being […]

autumn engagement session at winding trails with carla ten eyck

March 8, 2016

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There is nothing quite like a wedding in Connecticut in the Fall… can’t you almost just smell the crisp air and hear the leaves crackle under your feet as you walk? I am a CT girl through, and through and when I tell you there is nothing quite like it… trust me! Sarah and Peter […]

Sarah & Peter’s Heritage Hotel Autumn Wedding with Carla Ten Eyck

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There is something really romantic about a lazy Sunday morning at home. Your space is filled with warm, thick late morning light, there is nothing on your schedule for the day besides relaxing with your love. You have your cozy pants on, maybe slipper socks, maybe bare feet that can soak up the warmth on your […]

sunday husband time with carla ten eyck

February 23, 2016

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I don’t do a ton of baby portraits, but when I do… I question why I don’t! I photographed this little bug’s parent’s wedding at Elizabeth Park in the sweetest little spot, with the most buttery and thick light, surrounded by the tightest knit group of family on a Thursday afternoon. It was, and has […]

baby time with carla ten eyck

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I know every year I say this, and it is not lost on me that this is, in fact true. But, shoot. I have the best clients, ever, ever ever! Everyone’s idea of what the ‘best’ means to them, and for me, it is honestly just people who are willing to show their love and […]

eolia mansion engagement with carla ten eyck

February 9, 2016

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Oh, Hartford. I am visually spoiled with you, and I appreciate it! I know I am loyal since I was born, raised, and now live here in my forever home… but it’s not lost on me how beautiful this little town is, and every chance I get to work in my little city I appreciate […]

hartford city hall engagement with carla ten eyck