southport engagement session with carla ten eyck


Amanda + Joe and I spent a sparkly and sunny and just about perfect late afternoon together in Southport for their engagement session… we poked around corners and streets and chased the light and laughed and created some magical portraits full of laughter and their cuteness! There are many charming seaside towns along the Connecticut shoreline and Southport is one of my favorite ones to spend time photographing in!  I love the feel of the seaside without being just about the beach… And did I mention there was snuggling? So much snuggling! Never enough snuggling! All of the snuggling! There is nothing quite like feeling the arms of the person that you chose to spend the rest of your life with wrapped super tight around you. Holding you while you laugh and high-fiving you while you crack an amazing joke!  Amanda + Joe have an easy, loving chemistry about them that absolutely shines through in every photo of them. They are so quick with a laugh and a kind word for one another, and it just filled my heart with respect and admiration for them. Also… it made it sooo super easy to photograph them all wrapped up in this love-y laugh-y light-soaked happy stuff!

Their wedding with the super duper talents at Jubilee Events is almost upon us, and to say I am excited for this party is an understatement! There will be a tent filled with pretty, as they dance their way into the night, holding one another and laughing, much like they are here! I can’t wait to meet all of their family and friends and show them how they make each other’s eyes light up and shine! Congrats to you both for a successful engagement session, let’s do it again for your wedding!! I cannot wait to see you both!!


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