twenty year anniversary session with one of my first wedding clients


When I was but a wee lass back in 1996 and had just graduated from RIT and was studying photojournalism with the high hopes of working for a newspaper when I graduated. Wedding photography was not even on my radar. Wait. Strike that. Reverse it! .. As Willy Wonka Would say! It was on my radar but not very highly regarded. In fact, I do believe that you would be ridiculed if you ever even uttered the words ‘wedding’ and ‘photographer’ in the same sentence! So to say this was not a dream job of mine way back when was an understatement. Then my old, dear friend Sabrina who I have known since 7th grade was getting married… and would I photograph her wedding? How could I say no to my old friend? I did not, as you can see by these stunning pictures above and below these very words! Sabrina and Matt were married at Winding Trails in Farmington CT on a beautiful day in May of 1996. I was shooting film on my Nikon F4 and had no idea where this wedding would eventually lead me: back to my home state of CT and eventually over the years ┬áto being a successful and very happy photographer who photographs weddings as my primary job. And I honestly could not be happier!

Weddings and the way they have been photographed over the years could not have changed more from 1996. Although I suppose that depends on who you hire! For me, weddings are a mix of all of the things: documentary, portraits, action, still-life… you name it, all in one day! Instead of one or two images per hour you are expected to produce as a photojournalist you are expected to produce potentially hundreds of amazing images PER HOUR! Nothing is re-creatable and you are expected to get it all on on the first go-round. Bring it on, I say. I love the thrill of it and the constant gear-changing that happens. I love watching the light change throughout the day. I love waiting for moments that happened that your couple won’t see, but that you can show them. So many wonderful things about photographing weddings!!

Sabrina + Matt reached out about doing a 20th-anniversary session with me and I was beyond. So so excited to not only see them (it has been years) but to be able to show them their love, 20 years later. When I asked them why they wanted to do this, they said they wanted to honor their love and commitment to one another. That they make a conscious decision each day to stay married and work hard on their relationship together. That they wanted to create some portraits that honored that love and commitment. I mean. Seriously!

Happy Anniversary Sabrina + Matt. May you enjoy many many more years together!! XOXO


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