tokeneke club wedding in darien ct with amy champagne events + carla ten eyck


Mallory + Wes’ wedding at the Tokeneke Club in Darien, CT with the ever-amazing Amy Champagne Events was one for the books! Not only was it THE hottest day, like ever, but it was also the most beautiful. The day was filled with so much laughing (Wes and his groomsmen were like a pack of puppies in the best way) there was hugging for everyone, and men crying at emotional and moving moments and uniforms and gorgeous flowers by Carrie Wilcox! ┬áThe venue was one of the most interesting places to work in. It has a retractable roof!! and was just recently finished from the extensive damage it sustained during hurricane Sandy. What a truly gorgeous space to have an event, I can’t recommend it enough, it is so unique!

One of my favorite details was the wedding party baseball cards that each guest got on their seats during the ceremony! They listed out stats for each person, their relationship to the bride or groom, and had a great photo of each member on the front. So creative and super personal! I also loved how emotionally open all of the men were. Wes was so moved during the first look with Mallory, it got me all choked up. What a moment that is for my couples, and if any of you reading this are on the fence about it, trust me, it’s the way to go! It’s so personal, and private (except for the shot where you can see the wedding party peeking from the window, which I kind of love!!) and it in no way replicates that moment when Wes sees Mallory walking towards him down the aisle. It’s its own thing, entirely.

I loved working alongside my buddy Will Talamelli and his second cameraman Steve, what a duo. And it was hard to not dance with the rest of the guests while the band played. WOW! I believe they are comprised of a bunch of Berklee Students and we were super impressed- and we see a LOT of bands! OK, please also pay special attention to the mother-son dance, can you say CHEST BUMP?? Yes. Go look. It’s easily one of my favorite wedding moments, ever! Super impressive! Also impressive is my hand-held shot of the crazy lightening that was happening during the torrential downpour we got while everyone danced the night away! What a way to end the night!

Congrats Mallory + Wes, we had an absolute blast at your wedding, I can’t wait to see all of these images laid out in a gorgeous album! XOXOXOXO

my creative partners!

design + planning: Amy Champagne Events

venue: Tokeneke Club, Darien CT

gown: Bliss by Monique Lhuillier / The Plumed Serpent, Westport CT

jacket: Lea Ann belter / The Plumed Serpent, Westport CT

shoes: Jimmy Choo

florist: Carrie Wilcox

Cinematography: Will Talamelli Films

Band: Sugarbabies (omg wow wow wow)

paper: Roseville Designs

hair + makeup: Simply Gorgeous by Erin

linens: La Tavola

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