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When I first got into weddings that is all I wanted to focus on, and quite frankly it’s all I was able to handle at the time! I had upwards of 40 wedding clients a year, and for a boutique studio that was, quite frankly, way too much.  I updated my approach to my business, and decided to focus more on the client experience than just saying yes to everyone who wanted to hire me for their event. Doing this gave me more breathing room to connect with the clients that not only had chosen me, but who I had chosen to have as well, and the difference has been amazing! What this also opened me up for is being able to take on portrait clients!

One of my favorite parts of the wedding experience is the portrait piece of the day. I love giving myself the freedom to be inspired by the light, the environment and the love that my clients have for one another. I am energized, and excited and creating portraits like this leaves me breathless and happy! So why just limit this feeling to a wedding day? Welp, I am here to tell you that I have decided to allow more room for portrait sessions, and I could not be more excited than if someone just showed up to give me a massage and a hot plate of nachos! Well..  maybe I’m lying a little there! I mean… nachos + a rub down! C’mon!

I have two tiers of portraits: mini sessions + custom sessions. Mini-sessions are on a set day with a theme and a series of available times that you can sign up for. Custom sessions are scheduled when it’s most convenient for you and your family, and locations can be anywhere we decide!

Mini-Sessions run about every 3 months, keep an eye out for announcements via the blog, Facebook, and Instagram at @c10ike!

To schedule your own custom portrait session with me, email me at I look forward to creating some authentic memories of you and your loved ones!



















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