wedding at the longmeadow country club with carla ten eyck


I knew when I met Paige and Geoff we were going to be a great fit- for many reasons. Yeah, they are in love, and so sweet to one another and their wedding at the Longmeadow Country Club this summer was awesome in so many ways! But tell em that Paige doesn’t remind you of Lucille Ball? Can I get an amen!? Paige is so funny and expressive and so incredibly fun to photograph!! Each image has something touching or funny about it- I mean who high fives people as they walk down the aisle to their groom? PAIGE! If there is one way to reach my very soul, it’s with humor and a dash of some cat videos! Also, just being so wonderful to create some amazing portraits with, or allowing me to see who you truly are, those also work for me! Paige + Geoff had the best day, we had plenty of time for everything that we needed to do and just had time to enjoy it all, I call that a successful wedding day! I am also right in the middle of designing their wedding album and it is coming out beautifully!! I love being able to see my couples stories all laid out, for us to hold and touch and cherish forever!

A big thank you to the staff at the Longmeadow Country Club, they were terrific to work with, so accommodating and pleasant! I can’t wait to be back there! Congratulations to you both Paige and Geoff! XOXO

my creative partners!

venue: Longmeadow Country Club, Longmeadow MA

gown: Modern Trousseau from The White Dress by The Shore, Clinton CT

flowers: Carla from Elements Flowers

bridesmaids dresses: Lula Kate

band: The Pulse of Boston

hair: Lori Bousquet

makeup: Dana Bartone & Company

paper: Flutter Letterpress

cinematography: Lucent Wedding Films


longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-12 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-14 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-15 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-21 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-25 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-30 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-33 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-36 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-41 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-52 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-58 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-62 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-68


longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-74 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-76 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-86 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-93


longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-105 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-106


longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-108 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-110






longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-127 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-129


longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-131 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-132

longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-133 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-136

longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-137 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-144 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-149 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-151 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-153

longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-159 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-184 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-193

longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-165 longmeadow-country-club-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-199


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