squam lake new hampshire engagement session with carla ten eyck


Many of you know how much I love to travel, and having the job I do, as your fun-loving photographer I am afforded that opportunity on the regular. Lucky me, can I get an amen! But…! Some of my favorite places to travel are those that are a drivable distance from me and my good ole’ state of CT. Squad Lake in New Hampshire is one such place. Like. Whoa. My clients Kate and Colin wanted to do their engagement session up there since it’s a super meaningful place to them both. Kate’s family has a lake home there and Colin went to prep school there! To me, that’s the best, when the location of where we are is a place that holds some emotional value for my clients. Plus, selfishly, I love being guided around by a local in a new place, being shown the ins and outs of a new place and told all the stories! What’s not to love about that, I ask you!

Squad Lake was – is- a magical place! It literally feels like you’re being transported back in time to an old time lake village where the pace is slow and relaxed. Plus we went up there in the off-season, so there was barely anyone around and felt like we had the whole little town to ourselves. Kate, Colin and I had such a good time squealing as the light changed (well, let’s be honest it was me doing the squealing and they were mostly laughing at me!) and poking around all of the nooks and crannies of the places and spaces that we stopped at for photographs. It was a wonderful day, and I smiled the entire drive back to Connecticut, eager to see Kate and Colin again at their wedding this summer at one of my favorite places to get my groove on, the Saybrook Point Inn and Spa!

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