elizabeth park engagement session with carla ten eyck


Being a local Hartford CT gal, when I get the opportunity to do an engagement session at my favorite park- Elizabeth Park, I get really excited! Most photographers long for the coast line of an unfamiliar place for sessions, which I totally get! Maybe it’s because I do get an opportunity to squeeze some travel in here and there that I can really and truly appreciate the place that I get to call home. Plus, I have to say I love rediscovering all of the nooks and crannies of a park that I grew up going to at different times of year and at different times of day. The flowers are all in various stages of blooming beauty and color and the gardens (the annual ones anyway) literally change every year, making it something that I look forward to discovering each time. Side note, I’m a gardening nerd so this may hit me on a level that just doesn’t appeal to others- but come on! The color, the light! How can young, I ask you?

Callie and Adam and I had fun chasing the light and color and creating some magical images together! I knew we would, from our first Skype chat (which lasted a few hours!!) where we had so much to talk about, the conversation was so easy and we shared some really great stories with each other. This is something I value even more than any fancy location, a true, real connection with my clients. In the end, anyone can hire me, but it’s the clients that share an affinity for photography, ¬†and craft and the whole process of connection and all that it entails that really make my heart sing. Callie and Adam are such clients for me, and I could not be happier to have their trust, and for me to take them around my hometown park and show them how I see their love for one another!

I can’t wait for your wedding this year! Thank you for trusting me with your day! XOXO

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