Summer Elizabeth Park Hartford Engagement Session

Couple snuggles during their Hartford engagement session in Elizabeth Park

Kristin and Chris’ golden engagement session at Hartford’s famous rose garden in Elizabeth Park was just so beautiful! We met at the absolute perfect time on the longest day of the year and also the very first day of summer. The light was perfect and despite both Kristin and Chris being a little nervous to start- which honestly everyone is!- we segued very quickly into our flow state! When I start each session I make it clear to my couples that it is totally natural to feel… unnatural. I mean honestly, who has their photographs taken professionally on the reg? Not many people I know, besides the selfie takers and those are totally different! With me, there is no stress on where to look (as there always inevitably seems to be while taking a selfie, which is pretty weird since we do it so often!) Be honest, everyone time you take one aren’t you like… ‘Where do I look???’ I know I am, and I’m the professional! Don’t let that deter you from thinking that I don’t know what I am doing, because, baby I do! I can read light like it’s braille under my fingers and I’ve been studying it for years. Light is tricky, and flirty and warm and glowy and slappy and just so delicious I can’t get enough of how moving just one small step to the left or right of where you are standing can totally change the way an image looks!


When we started our session, the light was pretty intense. The light was bright and harsh and I was prepared to just tuck and roll into some of my favorite little spots that I knew would give me some special results. My daughter Georgie came to help hold my bag and the reflector so I was also in teaching / explaining mode to her, which is honestly one of my most favorite modes to be in. It helps me to see things more clearly and really slow down and take my time to absorb what I am seeing and how I want my images to look.

A couple embraces on a wooded path in Elizabeth Park Hartford CT

I have always wanted to photograph in this little meadow in the park, and am so happy we got the chance to! The roses normally get all the glory, and you can certainly see why. But this meadow was something pretty great and I am so glad that we braved the mud to get in there and make some magical images together!

A couple snuggles on a bench in the later afternoon light at Elizabeth Park in Hartford CT Couple hugs during their engagement session in a field in Elizabeth Park in Hartford CT

Time to snuggle up in the rose garden as the light starts to simmer down a bit- also thank you GG for holding that scrim! At this point Kristin and Chris were comfortable and not at all feeling shy or weird!

Couple cuddles on a bench in Hartford's Elizabeth Park Rose Garden Couple relaxes on a bench in the Elizabeth Park rose garden Hartford CT Couple laughs under the rose arches at Elizabeth Park Hartford CT

Golden beautiful light! Oh how I love you so.

Couples snuggles at sunset during their engagement session in the rose garden in Elizabeth Park Hartford CT A couple cuddles in the rose garden in Hartford's historic Rose Garden in Elizabeth Park Couples kisses with the roses in the foreground at Elizabeth Park Hartford CT Golden light in Hartford's Elizabeth Park rock garden during an engagement session Couple snuggles on a bench during golden hour at Hartford's famous rose garden at Elizabeth Park Couple walks hand in hand down the arches of roses in Hartford's rose garden in Elizabeth Park Couple smiles under the rose arches in the rose garden in Hartford CT at Elizabeth Park Couple during their Hartford engagement session in the rose garden in Elizabeth Park

Kristin and Chris, I am so excited for your wedding this summer and meeting your families and friends!


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