Lynn and Dan’s Rustic Wright’s Mill Farm Wedding

Lynn and Dan’s joyful, rustic Wright’s Mill Farm wedding in Canterbury CT was everything I had hoped it would be! I love that dance we all do as small business owners in the wedding and event industry; we field a call or email from a prospective client, we reach out, we meet. And then we either connect, or we don’t. So much these days can get lost in translation via email or text, and there is nothing quite like a face to face meeting, where you can read the emotions that play across their faces as you ask them questions, dig a little deeper…all the while trying to see if you are all a fit for one another.

Meeting Lynn and Dan was like that, as we sat on my front porch feeling each other out on that first meeting. Immediately, I could tell we were destined to work with one another. But it wasn’t just that…for me. I felt their care and kindness for one another on such a big level. I saw how clearly they loved one another, how when they looked at one another they were just…home.

Their engagement session was dreamy and perfect and got me SUPER fired up for their wedding. It only made me even more excited to see them again on their wedding day, when they would exchange their vows in front of their very open and loving community, together.

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I loved how emotional Lynn’s bridesmaids got when they saw her in her custom made wedding gown!

Dan, just so you know- I asked Lynn what she was feeling right as I took this photograph and she said she couldn’t wait to see you and just erupted into this giant smile!

Literally every nook and cranny of Wright’s Mill Farm was a photo opportunity!! I couldn’t stop!


Dan tears up the moment he lays eyes on his bride, Lynn.

Dramatic forest wedding ceremony at Wright’s Mill Farm Connecticut

A complete surprise to me that Dan just scooped Lynn up and carried her the entire way down the aisle! Happy I am a spry little Lady and didn’t miss a beat!

I detoured them into some ferny BS (as if anyone had a choice here COME ON!) and they just went all in with a dip!

My scones shooter Nikki knows how much I love ferns and couldn’t resist getting a shot of me in my glory!

Wedding photographer Carla Ten Eyck photographs at Wright's Mill Farm

I love this image of Lynn and Dan looking back at their friends and family gathering around after the wedding!

Wright’s Mill Farm wedding portrait

You better believe there was a  ruckus when this was happening! WOW!

A bride and groom stand in the late afternoon sunlight, newly married, with a swing in the distance at Wright's Mill Farm, Canterbury CT A bride smells her pink rose wedding bouquet with her new Groom at Wright's Mill Farm, Canterbury CT Newly marries couple snuggles on a swing on a backlit tree on Wright's Mill Farm in Canterbury CT Groom pushes his new wife on a tree swing at Wright's Mill Farm in Canterbury CT

There is nothing more magical than a ferny, mossy little waterfall that you JUST GOT MARRIED BY! Come on! Wright’s Mill Farm for the win!

Bride and Groom snuggling on a mossy bank next to a waterfall at Wright's Mill Farm in Canterbury CT Bride looking back while walking in a mossy wood at Wright's Mill Farm, Canterbury CT

Wedding reception at Wright’s Mill Farm, Canterbury CT

Groom tearing up during an emotional wedding toast.

Watching kids just run wild and free at an outdoor wedding is one of my favorite parts of the day.

We wrapped up the wedding on a hot note to top those super high temps! Lynn and Dan, it was an honor and a privilege to spend the day with you and your family and friends. I felt the love, in a super big way and am so so happy for you both as you start your marriage together! XOXO



  1. What beautiful pictures! Thank you for the feature! Beautiful bride, beautiful groom, beautiful pictures!

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