Northwest Park Windsor CT Autumn Engagement Session

Lynn and Dan had their engagement session at Northwest Park in Windsor CT this past fall. Now one thing you should know about me is that autumn in New England is my absolute favorite time of year. No question! Pair that preference with the ability to cram as many photo sessions in the fall as I could possibly fit and I am one happy photographer!

When booking engagement sessions with my clients, many times the location is left up to me. When there is a spot that is emotionally relevant to each of you, that is an amazing thing, but it’s not always within the state of Connecticut, which can pose a problem if flying me out there isn’t necessarily in your budget! What ends up happening is my clients defer to me and allow me the space to suggest some locations for them to decide on. Sometimes I just know where I want to photograph, because it could be the time of year and/or the location that limits our options. Even with no limits in place I truly enjoy working at Northwest Park in Windsor CT for engagement sessions, especially in the fall. There is just so much COLOR and gorgeous light! This image below? I was in the PARKING LOT! You honestly do not have to move very far at all in order to be bombarded with spots to create gorgeous images.

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is that I love to interpret light and color and how all of my lenses work in order to achieve the look I am going for. ¬†And can I just say that I was not disappointed in anything from Lynn and Dan’s session. I mean, come on!

All told, the best tangible to come out of my engagement sessions with my wedding clients is not the beautiful images that we make together: it’s the trust that they end up having in me as their photographer for their wedding day. Yes, they saw the work I created for others on my website. Yes, they double tapped on my instagram feed, and maybe even threw in a comment or an excited emoji! But when they are in front of my camera all bets are off and it becomes super real for them. They can feel how uncomfortable it can be in those first few moments- something I am very candid about when I meet with my clients. After that they embrace the excitement when things are going well, or laughing at the nosies I make when I am excited or better yet watch the smoke come from my head when I am trouble shooting or problem solving to get something exciting and dynamic that’s in my head- out- into their image.

Lynn and Dan I am soooooo excited to be your trusted and chosen wedding photographer. I cannot believe it is literally right around the corner and I can’t wait to photograph you both. You are pure magic. XOXOXOXOX

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