Katie and Jake’s Perfect Stormy Wedding at Tyrone Farm


Katie and Jake’s wedding at Tyrone Farm in Pomfret CT was a stormy, rainy amazing day for the books! I can tell you honestly that I am not afraid of the rain, in fact, I embrace it and allow myself to be open to the beauty of it all, and I am often pleasantly surprised with what presents itself. Katie and Jake’s wedding was that day; surprising and beautiful and just perfect! Not to mention that Tyrone Farm is one of the most magical and amazing properties to have your wedding at..!

Creative Partners for the day:

Venue: Tyrone Farm, Pomfret CT

Katie’s Wedding Gown: Maggie Sottero from Mariela Creations, Rocky Hill CT

Hair + Makeup: Larissa Lake

Flowers: Eddy Farm, Newington CT

Jake’s Suit: J Crew

Catering: Riverhouse Catering

Photography: Connecticut Wedding Photographer Carla Ten Eyck

Jake wrote Katie a letter each month for the past six months before the wedding for her to read on the morning of their wedding… I had never seen anyone do something so thoughtful before on a wedding day, it was super touching! (which is why Katie’s bridesmaid is standing by with a box of tissues handy!)

Tyrone Farm is chock FULL of nooks and wide, expansive open spaces for portraits and first looks! We opted for the edge of the field to showcase the grounds, they are so gorgeous.

While I am absolutely jonesing to book an autumn wedding at Tyrone Farm (hello universe!) I have to say that a June 2 wedding was perfection- it felt like everything was in bloom, every bush, every iris. It was stunning, to say the least!

Not sure if you can tell how obsessed I was with Katie’s bouquet from Eddy Farm. It has so much texture and layers, and those sweet little teeny daisy-isa flowers kept catching my eye!

Bride in Maggie Sottero lace wedding gown at Tyrone Farm, Pomfret CT Bride and Groom walking at their wedding at Tyrone Farm in Pomfret CT Wedding party in pink bridesmaids dresses walking at Tyrone Farm wedding in Pomfret CT

This completely candid moment of the bridesmaids fixing Katie’s Maggie Sottero gown was just perfect, I couldn’t have set it up better if I tried!

Bride in lace Maggie Sottero wedding gown with her bridesmaids in pink dresses at Tyrone Farm, Pomfret CT Groom in J Crew suit and bride in lace Maggie Sottero wedding gown at Tyrone Farm, Pomfret CT

Whenever someone gets teary on a wedding day, there is always the inevitable and well meaning ‘Don’t cry!’ shout from someone and I am always putting the kibosh on that! LET THEM ALL CRY I SAY! Cry harder! I love seeing emotions just fly loose and free, there is something so sweet and vulnerable about it. Katie’s bridesmaid just lost it when we did her picture with Katie, and it was so cute. The rest of the bridesmaids all shouted ‘Cue the crying!’ and joined in! Although… I am not sure if the bridesmaid on the right was joining in or mocking her, but I thought it was hilarious so I kept that picture in… ha ha ha!

Those ombre rhododendrons on the property were mind blowing, so I let them play a role in our portraits!

Bride holds soft pink wedding bouquet by Eddy Farm at her Tyrone Farm wedding, Pomfret CT

This gown felt custom made for Katie, it fit her so perfectly!

Bride in lace Maggie Sottero wedding gown at Tyrone Farm, Pomfret CT

Katie and Jake had taken dance lessons for their first dance and wanted to do a practice run before we headed to the ceremony, he did a whole spin move, it was awesome! I nailed the real shot, obviously… ha ha I mean we practiced it how could I possibly mess it up! See it below! (keep scrolling)

This chapel. Oh my. It is so romantic and other worldly I felt like I was in another country!

Bride and groom at the Pomfret Chapel, The Pomfret School, Pomfret CT

This nook absolutely left me SHOOK. It was so gorgeous! Big big ups to my Nikon D4 for it’s incredible low light capabilities. Go technology!

Bride and groom in the Pomfret Chapel at The Pomfret School, Pomfret CT

Jake’s little brother Luke was so emotional during the ceremony and his toast. I adored everything he had to say about both of them, and he even had some good burns in his toast too, which made everyone (including Jake) roar with laughter!

The rain came and the rain went. Luckily for us it came and went exactly when we needed it to! Thanks, mother nature!

Bride and groom exit the Pomfret Chapel on their rainy wedding day, Pomfret CT

One of the most attractive receiving line photos!

Pinterest win: Katie had her table numbers listed on the bottles in lieu of labels, it looked so pretty.

Say what you will about the rain, but it really adds some visually appealing drama to the day!

Bride laughing in her lace Maggie Sottero wedding dress at Tyrone Farm, Pomfret CT Bride in lace back Maggie Sottero wedding dress at Tyrone Farm, Pomfret CT Smiling groom in J Crew suit hugs his bride in lace wedding dress at Tyrone Farm, Pomfret CT

Katie and Jake, what can I even say? We had so much fun with you all, dodging the rain and creating some magical memories together! Have the best time on your honeymoon and enjoy the afterglow of your wedding! Thank you for trusting me with your day XOXOXO


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  1. Lucy cannamela says:

    The pictures are gorgeous. … the captions are special. What a wonderful love story.

  2. Pamela Ocasio says:

    What a fantastic job you did in capturing all of the special moments of Katie and Jake’s wedding. I absolutely shared your work on facebook!!!

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