Riverview Wedding in Simsbury CT

Bride and groom at there wedding at the Riverview in Simsbury CT

Riverview Wedding for Samm and Jelan. There wasn’t a better day for Samm and Jelan’s wedding at The Riverview in Simsbury than the one we had, on a Thursday! The weather currently and coming up is some of the hottest I have ever experienced here in Connecticut and I am beyond thankful that we had such a perfect day! Samm got ready at The Simsbury Inn in Simsbury CT in their light-filled bridal suite with her best girlfriends and family all hustling and bustling around her. I first met Samm in the gym of Classical Magnet School in Hartford, where Jelan was one of my son Jackson’s basketball coaches. We faithfully attended each game, home AND away, cheering our beloved Classical Gladiators on to some exciting wins and through some painful losses. Last year the team got farther than I have seen them get: one game away from winning it all in the STATE! Samm and I share a deep love for this team from the sidelines, yelling our hearts out, laughing and building a really nice friendship built on love for two very important people in our lives. There was one time the year before last when they were in some type of playoff game and I was away in Vermont visiting my most favorite place, High Acres Farm in Shelburne VT and Samm Face Timed me in for the whole entire game! My friends had to bear with me as I yelled and screamed during the very exciting – and very tense- game. It was thrilling, even as shaky as the reception was! Samm knew how much I loved watching each game and to miss one was unthinkable!

Jelan was another story. I have heard about this amazing young man since he was maybe in 6th grade? Two of my childhood best friends have been telling me about this wonderful, inspired and kind guy forever, and when I finally put it together that this was THE JELAN that I had been hearing my friends speak so lovingly about I was ecstatic! Not only that, he was my sons’ coach, which made things come full circle stop for me in a squiggly and special way. Because, hello, much like Jelan my son is pretty amazing and to have Jelan be a part of his life on the regular was pretty special.

Creative partners for the day:

Venue: The Riverview, Simbsbury CT

Flowers: The Long Stem Flower Shoppe, East Windsor CT

Getting ready location: The Simsbury Inn, Simsbury CT

I always love when the wedding party is all decked out in their wedding day outfits!

The calm right before Samm walked into the other room to get her family and start the trek across the street to marry her love.

Honestly if this doesn’t look like a picture from back in the 80’s, I don’t know what does! I am a little obsessed with the dress colors (it was the color of my room when I was in high school, AND is now the color of my daughters room now while she is in high school!)

Samm’s hilarious brother Scott getting fancy- he was the officiant and was so funny!

This guy. That smile. Those dance moves. The emotion Jelan emits on the daily is so powerful. One of my favorite things is how his friends and family just love on him and allow him to just be him!

Jelan having a tearful moment with his Mom before the ceremony. Nice capture by my second photographer Nikki!

Speaking of Nikki, one of this things I am confident that she didn’t expect to do was lead Jelan blindfolded to a non look first look! She was so patient and gave the best directions! Talk about a trust exercise!

Jelan was adamant that he not see Samm before the ceremony, but wanted to have a moment with his love before the wedding that was special and different.

This little guy! Enough said.

Samm got Jelan custom Nike’s. I won’t embarrass myself and try to remember which super dope ones these are, but they were something amazing because Jelan was in heaven! Also, I am obsessed with his groomsmen! They were his personal cheering squad the entire day and made everything way more fun!

My guy. (SOB!) Jelan right as he sees Samm come down the aisle to him.

There was laughing. There were tears. Then way more laughing. More tears. And more laughing! What a roller coaster, I loved every minute!

I love how the flower girl is straight up yawing here!

High fives all along the way back down the aisle!

Samm carried a piece of her Dad with her.

There is so much going on here!!

Also, what. What is even happening here with these kids!

This pretty much sums it up for basketball season!

Susannah is here with some special students that I have also been hearing about for years!! She lives in India with her husband Andrew and they were so happy to be able to be here for Samm and Jelan’s wedding.

Obsessed with this sweet soul and that SHIRT.

All day. They were like this all DAY! So happy for their friend!

This toast given by Alex, one of the best men was so perfectly laid out, when he dropped his full circle story we were DYING LAUGHING! It was so funny, I was laughing long after!

A groom laughs during a toast at his wedding at The Riverview in Simsbury CT

I hadn’t seen Jelan and my childhood bestie Susannah together since we connected the dots three years ago when Jack first joined the team. It was surreal and amazing.

A bride and groom cut their cake at their wedding at the Riverview in Simsbury CT

This guy on the dance floor was something to behold. He had moves for the moves that the had. OBSESSED.

But then so did Jelan!

Tabel 11! We had the fun table and we knew it!

Literally everyone’s face in this picture is great.

Crazy dancing at the Riverview wedding in Simsbury CT

She tried to sneak away from Table 11, but I got her!

Samm and Jelan, words cannot express how happy I am for you both. I am beyond! Your wedding was amazing, so fun, so filled with love and joy and tears and emotion and it was perfect. I know you are both enjoying your honeymoon and can’t wait for you both to relive your day when you see these! This is just a small taste from the day! I love you both! XOXOXOX

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