Spring Publick House Wedding Sturbridge MA


Katrina and Luke had the most perfect wedding day at the Publick House Historic Inn in Sturbridge MA. The rain held off just enough for us to get our first look in and sneak some portraits on the property before tucking away inside the venue and finding little nooks and places to create some beautiful portraits together.

But let me back up a little here. If Instagram brings me anything, any joy or value or happiness, it is this. Instagram is how Katrina found me, many years ago. She followed along on my adventures and weddings and fun photoshoots with my kids and (luckily for me) found a connection strong enough to filter out all of the other noise that’s online everywhere. Everyone is a photographer these days, everyone creates beautiful imagery and posts and posts and posts. Katrina stayed true to wanting me to be her photographer for her wedding to Luke, and I am so happy that she did. I find Instagram and social media to be a lot of work. It’s a huge commitment to hurry up and post yet be authentic and real and true and vulnerable but not too vulnerable. Share images that make people wish they were the ones in them. Keep your grid consistent, so people know what to expect. Blah blah blah. I can’t complain (and I won’t) too much- because the reality is that Instagram is how I got to work with two of the most pure, happy, kind and loving souls. Katrina and Luke are so in love with one another. They are so kind and open and just literally wear their hearts on their sleeves for the whole wide world to see, to feel and experience. I won the jackpot with these two and despite the rain and brisk chill in the Spring air, we had so much fun laughing and crying – oh the crying there was so much of it!! – it made me so incredibly happy.

Their ceremony was one of the most emotional and moving ceremonies I have ever seen. The Reverend Victoria Burdick is one of a kind in how she approaches each wedding. She truly gets to know our couples in such a way that even after the ceremony is long over guests are saying that they thought she was a relative! They love how she honors the family members of the couple and literally has everyone in tears as she acknowledges the path that we were all on to be where we are in that moment. It is a beautiful moment to be a part of and I am telling you this- when I get married she will be my officiant with her beautiful soul and words and intention.

Creative Partners for the day:

Venue: Sturbridge Publick House Historic Inn, Sturbridge MA

Wedding Officiant: The Reverend Victoria Burdick, Noank CT

Hair and Makeup: VT Hair Salon, Vernon CT

Wedding Gown: David’s Bridal

Bridal Shoes: Converse

Bride’s Bouquet: Wildflowers of Tolland, Tolland CT

Florals: Bride’s friend

DJ: John Rzasa from Party Pro DJ


Katrina is all dressed and ready to see her fella!

Plus size bride in her wedding dress from David's Bridal at her wedding at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA

The most practical and stylish shoes for any wedding, hands down!

Wedding day converse at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA A groom waits for his bride at their first look at their wedding at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA A groom sees his bride for the first time at their first look at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA

This is just the beginning of a long day of huge smiles and laughter!

A bride happily reacts to her first look at her wedding at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA

I’ll tell you the rain always makes those colors just pop and are so saturated and rich. I love it!

Plus size bride in her wedding gown from David's Bridal at her spring wedding at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA Groom cuddles his happy bride in her plus size wedding gown from David's Bridal at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA

On our way to be other places is sometimes the best place for photos. Light drives my choices, not location. Having clients trust me and help move rugs and just act all super casual in a hallway that others might not see the beauty in is one of my most favorite things, ever ever.


Ladies and Gentlemen, The Reverend Victoria Burdick, as she literally smiled her way down the aisle with Luke!

Oh, these two! I changed where I normally stand for the first time because they were both so emotional. I could not miss their reactions as Katrina’s Mom and sister in law watched her come down the aisle! Such a beautiful moment.

Love this (big) little moment between Katrina and her Dad as they walk down the aisle together. (sigh)

Then just look at that smile as she sees her fella Luke, waiting for her at the altar. (sigh)

A joyful and emotional bride walks down the aisle with her father at her wedding at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA

This part of the ceremony is so beautiful where everyone places their hands in the center and there is a little prayer. So beautiful and special.

The reverend Victoria Burdick during a wedding ceremony at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA

More crying! I love it, cry on, everyone!

Here Katrina’s Grandmother is being honored. It was so moving to see everyone get so choked up thinking about how the actions of this one woman created this whole family that is here today. So moving and emotional!!

Even this little guy was moved to tears. I loved seeing that. And sweetheart, you are not ‘sensitive’ you are normal. This is a normal reaction to hearing something so moving. Cry on, everyone! Let those emotions OUT, they are so beautiful to see and experience.

Wedding ceremony at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA An emotional bride exchanges vows at her wedding ceremony at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA Bride and groom walk joyfully down the aisle at their wedding at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA

I love weddings. I love seeing these little moments that mean so much to my clients. This little homegirl is bopping in so happy and excited and her brother is overwhelmed by the noise and attention. It is so real!

Honestly. Could these two be any more in love???

Bride and groom dance at their wedding at the Publick House Historic Inn Sturbridge MA

And the revelers! They could not WAIT to get out on the dance floor and bust some moves! Just see for yourself!

Katrina and Luke, thank you for finding me. Thank you for reaching out and trusting me with your day! I am so happy to know you both and hope our paths will cross again in the future! Big hugs!! XOXOXOX

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  1. Eileen fish says:

    Carla…I LOVE THESE PICS..beautiful. I feel as if I was there..even though I couldn’t be. Love these 2 people also.?
    I saw my VT clan dancing. Brings bk great memories. Thanks for sharing
    ???Eileen??crying now!

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