parking garage engagement session with carla ten eyck


I cannot thank Jordan + Michael enough for trusting me with their engagement session! We did our session in a parking garage in Hartford, and I could NOT be happier with how it all turned out! When I meet with my clients, I like to explain my philosophy about what I think the engagement session is really all about: connection. While the location can be important I don’t think it’s what the whole session is about. To me, it’s about how my clients connect in front of my camera; it’s about their chemistry together while being photographed; it’s about our chemistry together as photographer / client and how we all work together as a team. As wonderful as people think I am (and thank you soon much!!) to me it is a total team effort, we work toward a common goal to create amazing images that show their love for one another. It’s about me getting my clients to open up and allow me to see who they are together, especially when they are uncomfortable (which is completely normal and to be expected in the beginning of each session!) I think those are the most telling moments, when they are feeling awkward and weird and then how do they treat one another? Do they shut down? Or do they just roar with laughter? The latter is always my goal, I love my couples when they laugh so hard they snort!

Our adventure in the parking garage was just a trip around a place that just had so many pockets of killer light for us to go play in, and we had the best time bopping around listening to me yell and oooooh and AH! at every nook and cranny! I couldn’t be happier with the images we created together as a team, and to say I am excited for their wedding with Jubilee Events in a few short weeks is the understatement of the year!!

Thank you so much Jordan + Michael for spending the afternoon with me chasing light! XOXOXO


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