Allen Hill Christmas Tree Farm Engagement session with Carla Ten Eyck


Jessica + Chris’ wedding is literally right around the corner… THIS Saturday!! And I could not be more excited to see them both. They are filled, absolutely to the brim, with such light and love for one another, that just being around that feels like a nap in the late afternoon sun, on a hammock, gently swinging in the breeze without a care in the world! They are open, and laugh long and hard, and make wonderful eye contact, and ask questions, and listen for the answer. They touch one another kindly, gently. They are helpful to one another, and smile often. Add to this little party of emotions the wonderful side notes of – I absolutely LOVE Jessica’s sister Nichole, who is of Sixpence for Your Shoe fame! She is a talented and inspiring wedding planner in CT who I have the absolute pleasure of working with, and who now, I have the honor of photographing her sister’s wedding. What a compliment to be her photographer for such a big day!

Jessica + Chris chose the Allen Hill Christmas Tree Farm in Brooklyn CT as the location for their engagement session, and I had never been so I was open for the adventure with them both! We bopped around the trees, enjoying being in the fresh air and sunshine and getting poked by the prickers and the saws! Just kidding! Jessica was working some rad shoes, because she is fancy like that, and was also game to tiptoe amongst the… chickens… because. You know. Chickens + a Christmas Tree Farm. Der.

I adore you, Jessica + Chris and long for a love like you both have. One that’s absolutely written all over my face. One that makes my whole body and soul just light up and glow when my partner is around me. I am ecstatic for your wedding day!! Eeeeeee!!! XXOXOXOXO


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