autumn engagement session at winding trails with carla ten eyck


Who I get asked to be a photographer’s photographer, it’s a little like winning the prize but also a little scary! Like, they know my tricks and my super slickness factor kind of goes out the window a bit! I met Kate years ago and has been an industry friend since way back, but being her personal photographer has made us even closer, and I am so grateful for this! I get how she feels kind of uncomfortable in front of the camera since her home is on the other side, and really worked hard to make sure her and Lee were as comfortable as possible. Translation: I was way goofier than normal, and maybe, just maybe Lee brought some Fireball shots. Maybe. Don’t judge! It warmed our bellies, and made us laugh and just get creative and have a fun day during their engagement session at Winding Trails in Farmington. What a beautiful little spot this was!

One of my favorite parts of our shoot was when my son Jackson ran in the All-City Cross Country meet (while I was shooting) and we took a break while Joel face-timed the race for us! We were all yelling and screaming while in a field during sunset for my sprint-y and fast son Jack who came in 4th!!! We thought poor Joel was going to have a heart attack he was so excited (and could barely hold the phone steady for the race) so although we didn’t really SEE the race, we heard it and it was so super exciting! This was a sweet perk since Kate gets that sometimes work can intersect with life and to be able to have that moment with my son while also working was really really special and a moment I will never ever forget!

So, to say I am excited for their wedding at South Farms is an understatement! They are so easy to talk to, to photograph and to just be such a fun day for us all! We can’t wait Kate and Lee!!!! XOXOXOXO


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