mystic seaport wedding with coastal gourmet and carla ten eyck

Mystic Seaport Wedding, Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Emily + Brad were two of the most laid-back and go with the flow people I have met, which I can’t lie is like the cherry on top of my favorite type of client. People can love my work, or love me, or be so fun and energetic or kind and thoughtful on the phone when we meet, but the wedding day, as we all know, can bring out all kind of emotions! Add rain to that mix and Lord knows what can happen to the emotions of all involved on a wedding day! The one thing I love to share with my clients is how unafraid I am about rain on a wedding day. I feel like it adds a certain amount of emotion and romance to the day, if I am being honest, and sometimes I would take it over a bright sunny day! The light after a storm can be the most magical light, ever, and the way the ground can shine after a good downpour is something beautiful. So when rain became a threat for most of the day, I was OK with it and rolled with the day as Mother Nature guided us. Working and re-working a timeline gives me chills of satisfaction (nerd alert!) and on Emily + Brad’s day I had to change up some things based on the impending rain! This is where Emily + Brad’s flexibility and trust were the best and most appreciated! We boogied over to the downtown Mystic area and literally just caught the bridge before it went up and we lost about fifteen minutes by getting stuck on the wrong side with rain coming! We literally had to run over the bridge it was so exhilarating trying to squeeze our portraits in while pedestrians were trying to get across the bridge as well! What a rush! After we got back onto the ‘right side’ we did a few more wedding party maneuvers on the docks and then headed to the Seaport, with rain still threatening to pay us a visit. The Seaport is such an interesting space to go, on a regular old day, let alone a wedding day and I tried to take it all in as I was hustling over to where we needed to be (all our gear in tow) and catalog spots where I would love to snuggle them in for portraits!

In the end, we had a wonderful day, and I got to know them both so much better after hearing the toasts (hilarious! and always insightful!) and chatting with friends and family throughout the day. A wonderful, emotion-filled day with adorable flower girls and ring bearers and beautiful, moody light. Thank you Emily + Brad for trusting me with your day! XO

Creative Partners for the day!:

venue: The Boat Shed at Mystic Seaport, Mystic CT

catering / planning: Coastal Gourmet

florals: Stylish Blooms

Getting Ready Location: Hilton Mystic, Mystic CT

Gown: Maggie Sottero via Julie Allen Bridal, Newtown CT

Bridesmaids Gowns: Bill Levkoff

Hair + Makeup: Dana Bartone & Company– Make up by Angela Maione, Hair by Patty Barber

Officiant: Bridget Caviness

Paper: Tulaloo


mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-48 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-51 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-46

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mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-57 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-59

mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-22 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-24


mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-26 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-29 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-31 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-33 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-35

mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-63 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-60 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-65 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-64 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-68 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-71 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-72 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-75 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-76 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-77 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-78 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-80

mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-40 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-41 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-42 mystic-seaport-wedding-carla-ten-eyck-43





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