greenwich country club wedding with sixpence for your shoe and carla ten eyck


Mary + Mike booked with me via the talented lady crew that is Sixpence for your Shoe without even a phone call- which is quite a thrill! Then when I learned what these two smarty-pants do I was super intrigued. They have such unique jobs and they found each other! Mike studies endangered small mammals in the Florida Keys and Mary studies invasive tilapia species in North Carolina. I mean. Seriously! So the animal theme at their wedding was super appropriate for them both, and gives you all a bit of back story on it! I loved seeing how passionate they are about what they do and how specific it is, to me at least! Am I right?

Their wedding day was super hot, but you honestly cannot tell in these photos! But trust me, wow. It was on FIYAH hot and everyone handled it like pros, with nary a complaint from anyone! So we did what we had to do outside with portraits and then scooted on inside to do some portraits in the air conditioning and with some super fabulous light that caught my eye and made us all squeal! We had so much fun and had plenty of time to play in the cool air before their ceremony outside- which was gorgeous-can you just stop with that floral business?? WOW!!

Mike and Mary boogied their wedding night away to one of the most amazing bands I have seen at an event- if you are looking for a band, check them out!! Professionals on every level, nary a moment of rest and so. much. ENERGY! Just over the top amazing!

Mike and Mary, thank you so so much for trusting me with your day, I had such a blast with you and your families!! XOXOXO

Creative partners for the day:

planning + design: Lindsay of Sixpence for Your Shoe

venue: Greenwich Country Club, Greenwich CT

gown: Lea-Ann Belter, Traditions by Anna, Raleigh NC

bridesmaids: David’s Bridal

cake: Erica O’Brien

florist: Tom from Springdale Florist

videography: Tom Morlock from Vantage Point Films

band: Soundhouse from Elan Artists

photo booth: Photo Booth Planet

lighting: ShinDig Lighting

paper: Talia from Sixpence for Your Shoe

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