Life Milestone: Our First Home Together

‘I’ll light the fire

you place the flowers in the vase

that you bought today

staring at the fire

for hours and hours

while I listen to you

play your love songs

all night long for me

only for me’

Our House – Graham Nash

When a client inquires with you about photographing them, it’s a bit of a wild card. Do they love your work and can see what makes you…you? Are they price shopping and just looking for the best deal, as long as everything is in focus? Did they speak to a past client of yours who gave you rave reviews and insisted that they call you because it will be the best thing they do for their wedding or event or portrait session? You just never know, and I go into each conversation or email with an open mind and open heart. Sometimes we are not a fit, they are price shopping and don’t really value photography as an art. But sometimes…. sometimes we both hit the jackpot. Meeting Caity + Ryan felt like that for me. Ryan had called me and was a bit shy and reserved on the phone during our initial call about me doing their engagement session. We decided on Gouveia Vineyards and met up there for their engagement session in the fall and it felt like magic. Their chemistry and open, honest love with one another was otherworldly, for lack of a better word. The were su much younger than my typical client but their love felt so old and steady, it was powerful to be around! They were so natural and comfortable in front of my camera, just see for yourself HERE how amazing their engagement session turned out!

Fast forward to their wedding, which at the time of their engagement session they did not have scheduled or planned yet, so in all likelihood this session could be just a one-off. Instead, we formed such a lasting bond that I became a part of their wedding and was their official photographer for their event. It was pure magic. The light, the emotion, the entire day was perfect in every way and again, the honor I felt at being there and feeling such an intense close bond was palpable to me. You know, it is so easy for people to think that I am ‘just’ a wedding photographer, but in the end I am so much more than that. I am a visual storyteller, I am an artist, a mother, a friend. Your favorite Aunt. The loudest laugher in the bunch. I am always listening, allowing the conversations around me shape the story I tell, since the reality is I don’t know everyone and every little story or nuance. I piece things together with my eyes and my ears and the light to tell each couples individual story from their event. They are all different and special and unique, like each of my couples are.

Since their wedding (which you can see HERE) I have worked with Caity on a few projects where she will come be my muse and allow me to photograph her for a variety of fun things. She is always willing and so happy to jump in and help, and brings a light and joy and calmness with her everywhere she goes. In a way she feels like my little sister, but with such an old soul, and to say that I am honored to know both her and Ryan is quite an understatement.

Fast forward to August 2017, when I get a text asking me if I am available to photograph Caity + Ryan in their brand new home in Durham CT. As luck would have it I am available (which I was not supposed to be, I ended up cancelling a trip and being home for the week unexpectedly) I tell Caity and Ryan this story as I am creating this portrait with them sitting in their front door jam, with a lump in my throat. I was meant to be here with them, on the first day of this long journey they are on together. See, they have been stalking this house which was vacant for years, knowing in their hearts that it was meant for them. They talked to neighbors and heard stories of people who have lived in their home before them. One couple literally died within a day of the other because they could not bear to be apart. This kind of intense, old love is what I feel that Ryan and Caity have for one another. They bring this love into their house which needs alllll of the work, and it felt so incredibly right. This was their home, with their dreams already filling the empty rooms.

Thank you both for including me on this life journey you are on, I am so happy to be your Photographer for Life! XOXO

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