Copper Beech Inn Wedding with Carla Ten Eyck

I met Tosh while photographing a wedding at her place of business, The Bee + Thistle Inn in Old Lyme CT and from that experience on we knew it was a love like no other. She is such a professional, knows her stuff and is HILARIOUS. I get so excited when  i find others like me who can switch into work / professional mode on a dime and then be silly the next. Read the room, people! And Miss Tosh is a pro at it! So naturally we love working together creating amazing experiences for our shared clients and any chance we get to work with one another turns into a celebration! So when she started dating Keith I was so excited for her, but I was like… hmmm. is he gonna be as awesome as she is, and as funny, because man, she is hilarious! I was more than a little obsessed with her and her Facebook posts if I am being honest! So online and in the virtual world all looked good- he is a handsome fella, and seemed to really love taking selfies with Tosh! So I was on board with Team Kosh. But boy did I not realize HOW on board I would be once I actually met Keith! What a gentle loving and sweet human being this guy us! And he gets Tosh in the way that I had hoped he would, he is honestly just as weird as she is and flows with her humor with zero effort. In the end? They give me hope that I will find my person and will never, ever settle unless I have some Team Kosh Level Lovin’ (patent pending) TKLL!

Creative Partners for the day:

Ceremony location: Tosh’s Grandparents backyard, Old Saybrook CT

Venue: The Copper Beech Inn

Gown: Michele’s Bridal

Hair: Bella Cappelli

Flowers + table design: Mar Floral

Justice of the Peace: Carol Schilling

Keith had a special fork engraved for Tosh as her special Coleslaw fork! I LOVE coleslaw and when I heard how much she loves it too, I was like, dude, our love of fermented foods only cements how much more I love you!

I love love love love LOVE how emotional Keith is. He wears his heart out there for all to see, and so does Tosh and the cry fest that ensues just about knocks me over, every time. I appreciate them both so much!

Tosh’s Dad wasn’t able to be there so her Stepmom gave her a special memento to have with her.

See what I’m saying here? Sob!

When it’s all said and done, there is nothing quite like getting married in a backyard that means something special to you both.

Their goofy spirit shone through in so many photos, it makes spending time with them so much fun!

Awww… right? A gorgeous window-lit portrait of my bride Tosh. What you don’t see is her dress is hiked up and the air conditioner is blowing straight up it to cool her down! Yes, obviously I got a photograph of that, but I’m gonna be honest it was NSFW!!  But it was so completely and totally Tosh being Tosh!!


They did something special here and had their first dance in the garden with the sweet Copper Beech Inn as the backdrop!

This table! I loved it. So lush and ferny! Right up my garden-loving alley!

There are some sweet little nooks on the property that just have a party with the light, and they are the weird side ones, like by the dumpster that others may just sashay by, but not us! We scooted right all up into the middle of this pachysandra and held back hanging limbs and all to make this spot be THE SPOT for these awesome shots! There was shouting and hooting and hollering and laughing with our planner Kristen and it just made my day!

Then this happened. When you have a shot in mind and it only gets better when they just roll with it and are themselves? Pure personality here!

Their reaction to seeing the room was priceless. They were both so moved at seeing their ideas all come together on their day!

And hello modern technology! Tosh was so surprised that Mandy (her Maid of Honor) put together this amazing video tribute for Tosh + Keith and included their first dance!

Here’s to may many years of happiness, love and growth together! I love you both and thank you so much for including me on your day! XOXOXO



  1. Carol Schweitzer-Schilling, JP says:

    I just love the pics you capture, and I was so honored to be part of this special wedding. I adore Tosh and Keith. Thank you Carla for mentioning me!

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