how and when should you hire employees a podcast by carla ten eyck

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Josh Rossi, creator of a site dedicated to helping and educating photographers looking to go and stay full time. A lot of what I do I used to do myself, until I had enough business to support bringing in a support staff of the most amazing people to help me run my studio like a well oiled bee hive! Many photographers do pretty much everything for their businesses… from taking the pictures, to designing the albums, the website, their branding, managing their studio, booking their clients, shipping their product, all of the post production, cleaning, accounting, and bookkeeping! That’s a lot of stuff for one person to not only do, but to do well, am I right? So what do you do? I prioritized it down to the things that only I can do that make me money: taking pictures, teaching and blogging. Everything else were things that I needed to find people to come in and support me and the vision I had for my studio and clients! I chose to surround myself with the most wonderful people filled with positive energy and drive! Not to mention humor (MANDATORY!) and a willingness to hide and scare each other as much as humanly possible (also pretty mandatory!)

Big hugs, love and scares to my crew and studio family: my (brand spanking new!!) studio manager Ryan;(my oldie but goodie bestie and lifer studio manager Dominique who has moved on to doing her Real Estate full time now, boo hoo) ¬†Production Manager Fifi (aka Philitha!); Designer Rebecca; Submissions Manager Julie; steady second shooter Mike; and Associates Jazzy, Julie, Dave and Jake!! We are making some major announcements soon… so stay tuned!!!

Grab a cup of coffee, some Twizzlers or a grinder and settle in for some chit chat paddy wack from yours truly right HERE on


  1. Kris Rae says:

    Aww, I ate my big bag of Twizzlers last night! Going to listen now. Thanks C10!

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