rustic connecticut engagement session with carla ten eyck


These two. What do I even say??? Ashley and Ray (or Ray Ray as I got to calling him) are like photography family to me and my studio. A few years back I photographed Ashley’s sister Jessica’s wedding and got to know their family and just fall in love with them then. They were so warm and open and loving with me, and made me feel like one of their own right from the start! They were giving with their hugs and love and support over the years, and this will never, ever leave me. Now I am pretty back wards right now and have already blogged their amazing wedding HERE please come and see how beautiful it turned out!

We spent our afternoon at a park in Windsor CT dodging the rain in an old, really dark barn! You know. Nothing out of my norm I guess! It was really fun finding light, and waiting for the rain to pass while making some beautiful portraits of Ashley and Ray… my kind of perfect afternoon! Thanks for being patient for this post, and letting me do my thing, and being so incredibly kind and amazing! You guys are the best! XO

Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0102 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0103 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0104 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0105 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0106 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0107 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0108 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0109 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0110 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0111 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0112 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0113 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0114 Carla-Ten-Eyck-Rustic-CT-Engagement_0115

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