harkness park engagement session with carla ten eyck


Last end of summer / fall (my most favorite in between season in New England!) I got to spend a warm and beautiful afternoon with Kirsten + Thomas at one of my favorite places to create images for both weddings and portrait sessions Harkness Park in Waterford CT. It’s the best combination of gardens and beach and a mansion! What could be better than that? Especially when the gardens are just about exploding with blooms, and the sun is setting in the most magnificent spots and then Kirsten + Thomas were just both so… laughy and expressive and gave me so much to work with! It was so much fun to be there and hop from spot to spot being inspired by the park and the gardens and the light!


This image here is just. BAH. My favorite. Their expression, the light, the way that Thomas is holding his love… it’s perfection!


And this one. I just want to literally ROLL AROUND in the gardens of zinnias! Except they are like almost four feet tall and well. I guess it would be awkward-ish to watch! But know that this is in my heart, most times when I see huge hedges of zinnias!


And like. Kirsten. Can you be more beautiful?? I can only imagine how stunning you will be on your wedding day!!


Thomas has the most genuine and perfect smile and I am so glad that he let it rip for pretty much the entire session!



Kirsten + Thomas, I had so much fun with you both roaming through the park with you both! I can’t wait for your wedding this summer!!! XOXOXO

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