forty year anniversary session on the beach with carla ten eyck

While vacationing at The Caribbean Club on Grand Cayman (one of my most favorite places in the world..!!!), I was able to spend some time with an industry friend of mine who I met last year at two conferences –  Grow Brand Camp  in Maine and Engage!  in Cayman – Linda Mitchell of Luxury Travel Pro. Linda specializes in luxury concierge services in both Cayman and Bermuda (not a bad gig!!) and was celebrating her wedding anniversary to her super adorable husband Ken of FORTY YEARS!!!

Not sure if that kinda big time match sunk in with you all…I said, and I REPEAT! FORTY YEARS!! That’s a lifetime of so much… a wedding, children, a home they still lovingly live in.. careers, kids graduating and establishing their own lives, grandchildren..! So much life and change and love through it all. What a feat to be proud of!

So I had no choice but to do a session with these two, am I right? Zero. None. Nada. I HAD TO! Plus they are so adorable together, and that Linda, man is she a total HAM! The camera loves her and she loves the camera and I was in heaven creating some magic with her!

Also. They told me the last time they had photos professionally taken was 40 years ago on their wedding! That alone choked me up and made me puff my chest out with pride that I was going to be able to do this for them and I would create something just… magical with them. And I think we did..!


  1. Linda says:

    AMAZING!!!!! Love love love! Thank you Carla! You are an angel with a camera! WOW! Blew me away! XO

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