Hopkins Vineyard vow renewal with Carla Ten Eyck


March 16th may have just seemed like an ordinary Monday to some, but to our Connecticut wedding vendor community it was a super special and beautiful day. On this Monday, we gathered around one of ours in a tight, cozy group to help her and hers celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary. Ever since I met Val, she lamented over how she and her husband Jack didn’t get the amazing wedding photographs from their wedding. As a wedding photographer herself now, I can’t imagine how awful that must feel. Beyond that, life has thrown their family some pretty big things that no family should have to deal with on their own. And so? We rallied around and from the big heart that is Laura DeCarlo an idea was born: let’s all throw them a vow renewal! With less than 3 weeks to pull everything off, this amazing and over the top big hearted community put together a sweet little soirée… complete with one of our own as the officiant, Mister Kris Rae.

So many talented folks offered their services, from the gorgeous and generous venue that is Hopkins Vineyard in New Preston CT (holler Patty! and Jim Baker the Wine Maker!), to the caterer, Catering by Christine with their beautiful and super delicious food..I still have dreams about that mac and cheese. Oy. BIG CHEESY DREAMS!

To the planner who worked non stop pulling it all together, wheeling’ and dealing! Miss Kia! Rena of Dana Bartone & Company and Erin Infantino of Simply Gorgeous by Erin were the beauty team who knocked it out of the park!

On video had my buddy  Mister Jim Altieri of Vintage Cinema of Milford, CT. We had so much fun all working together to give Val and Jack the best pictures from the day!


Val’s beautiful dress was from The Wedding Embassy!


Jane from Just for You Floral in Middlefield CT makes my heart flutter when I see the beauty that she creates each time!




Jim was so wonderful and let us explore the space and find nooks and crannies to create some portraits, which we took full advantage of!


Val’s parents flew in all the way from California to celebrate with Val and Jack!


Jacks’ resemblance to his Dad was uncanny… there is nothing I love more than a seeing such a strong family resemblance! Even the way they sounded was similar!


And yes. That is IN FACT a professional photographer using his iPhone and all up in my shot! Eric Foley!! Oh the irony! I have to say though, I really love this image so many reasons, and your shiny dome is one of them!

Bride and groom celebrate after getting married at Hopkins Vineyard CT HOPKINS_VINEYARD_VOW_RENEWAL_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_-23

Hope from A Little Imagination Cakes in West Hartford CT is responsible for this beauty that tasted as good as it looked!


Laura found this little greenhouse gem and we had to bring Val + Jack back here for a little session..! Love these so much!

Bride poses with her groom in the greenhouse at Hopkins Vineyard CT after their vow renewal. Bride and groom kiss in the greenhouse after their vow renewal at Hopkins Vineyard CT

Best. Ring. Shot. EVER!! ha ha in my chubby little paw.


My buddies. So many great people come in and out of our lives. So many. Too many times these people leave, for reasons known only to them, or they move, or life just happens. The lesson I have learned over the years is to just love them all as hard as you can while you have them there with you and know that at any point yes, they can be taken away from you. Through tragic accidents or hard life choices or just bad timing. Life happens.

Val + Jack, I am so glad that we were all able to be there for you not only in our actions but in our hearts. In the way we saw you that day, the way we hugged you. True friendship lasts and I am so honored to call you both my friends forever. XOXOXO



Photography: Carla Ten Eyck
cinematography: Jim Altieri of Vintage Cinema

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