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Juke Joints roaming band performs at Rosewood London at the Engage Summits

Day two of the Engage Luxury Wedding and Business Summit in London was maybe my favorite day. For lunch we got to enjoy an amazing lunch at the Rosewood London while the Juke Joints strolled around serenading us! I had the pleasure of meeting these gentleman this past summer in August on the Belmont Royal Scotsman as we journeyed across Scotland for a week long 50th birthday adventure produced by Sarah Haywood. My first introduction to these fellas was after a rainy hike through rolling hills filled with heather in bloom. We returned to the train platform with waiters holding trays of champagne, the Juke Joints performing on the platform underneath a gorgeous RAINBOW! Yes, I know! I could not believe this was real life!

More on that amazing adventure to come…oooo I can’t wait to share it! Anyway… seeing these guys perform at Engage made my heart so full. They are incredibly talented and create such a beautiful energy when they sing and engage with people. It’s quite amazing, and seeing them roam about the Rosewood performing made my heart full.

Roaming band: Juke Joints @jukejointsmusic /Lunch Host: Rosewood London

The whole vibe of this space was cozy and warm and so… upscale British! I loved it so much.

I loved watching these fellas serenade my friend Bryan Rafanelli of Rafanelli Events!

Next up: Marcy Blum gets the singing treatment!

One of my new favorite people, Tom Couch, the event coordinator for the famed Annabel’s of London, get the singing treatment!

Love Diva’s smile, it lights up the room!

? An abundance of greenery and autumnal florals have overtaken a London cab in the courtyard of the @RosewoodLondon. ? Who else is swooning over this fall foliage? ? Host + Food & Beverage: @RosewoodLondon | Event Creative Director, Planning & Production: @SarahHaywoodWeddings | Art Direction, Event Branding, Logo, Gifting Design & Curation: @TPDDesignHouse | Technical Production & Scenic Design: @MaestraGroup | Floral Design: @McQueensFlowers | Music Producer: @ALRMusic | Furniture: @Greathireltd | Front of House: @SplendidLondon

A bespoke illuminated orchid tunnel welcomes attendees into the Banqueting House, leading them through to a luxurious floral entrance to the Rubens Hall. ? #Engage19Location & Host: |@HRP_Events#BanquetingHouse | Event Creative Director, Planning & Production: @SarahHaywoodWeddings | Technical Production & Scenic Design: @Wise_Productions | Food & Beverages: @Rhubarb_Food | Music producer: @DoverStreetBB@WeAreTheFellas @ALRstrings@ALRmusic | Floral Designer: @WildAboutFlower | Signage, Branding, Stationery: @TPDDesignHouse | Metal Designer: @JulianCarterDesigns | Furniture Rentals: @Greathireltd | Beverages: @DrinkSupermarket | Champagne: @champagnepommery|Tableware Rentals: @classiccrockery| Front of House: @SplendidLondon


I’ve said it once and I will say it again, one of my most favorite parts of working an event is the back stage access I get. To come to London and have access to these absolute historical amazing spaces absolutely blew my MIND. The Banqueting House was one of the most breathtaking spaces I have ever been in. From their site, a little bit about this amazing ceiling,

The ceiling of the Banqueting House is the only surviving in-situ ceiling painting by Flemish artist, Sir Peter Paul Rubens.

The canvases were installed in the hall in 1636. The three main canvasses depict The Union of the Crowns, The Apotheosis of James I and The Peaceful Reign of James I.

The ceiling was probably commissioned by Charles I in 1629-30. It was one of the King’s last sights before his execution on a scaffold outside the Banqueting Hall in 1649.

The ceiling is an original Reubens and it was absolutely BREATH TAKING!!!!

These florals were so lush and colorful, I adored them and could not stop taking photos!

This part of the arrangement made my heart skip a beat, to just see them actually  dripping off the table was such a stunning detail!

Not to be outdone by the florals on the tables, this floral arched entryway complete with candles in floating orbs was how guests arrived and were greeted to their evening gala!

Colorful florals at the gala at the Banqueting House London Colorful florals on tablescapes at the Banqueting House London Stunning florals at the Banqueting House in London

At this moment as guests were arriving, the musicians were playing some of the most gorgeous and moving music. The sound filled my heart and brought tears to my eyes. This is one moment where so many things I love all collided to create a memory I will never ever forget. Gorgeous lighting, art, lush colorful florals, history and music. What more can one ask for?

Ruebens ceiling in the Banqueting House London during the Gala on Day 2

My friends Ken + Ron of This Beautiful Life absolutely CRUSHED their outfits for the gala!!

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