Engage Summit Rosewood London

Tower of London Engage Summit

October in the UK at the Rosewood London? Sign me UP. Well, actually that’s not entirely true… I have been attending / speaking at and photographing the esteemed Engage Luxury Wedding + Business Summits since 2012. For 2019 I made a promise to myself that I would do all of the follow up this year, and treat myself once I had, by attending again! Well, my dear friend Sarah Haywood had other plans when she decided to take on the gigantic task of producing the next Engage all over London! She and I met in 2012 and have worked closely ever since. She really really wanted me there to be her go-to gal during the event, since I had years of experience working with her and her incredible team all over the world. I could not say no to partnering up with her and so I headed across the pond for about 10 days with my girlfriend Melissa and explored London before tackling the conference.

#Engage19 Host + Food & Beverage: @RosewoodLondon | Event Creative Director, Planning & Production: @SarahHaywoodWeddings | Art Direction, Event Branding, Logo, Gifting Design & Curation: @TPDDesignHouse | Technical Production & Scenic Design: @MaestraGroup | Floral Design: @McQueensFlowers | Personalization Bar: @TrinityMitchellDesign | Show Director: @TrishaHay Photos: Carla Ten Eyck @c10ike


Swag station at the Engage Luxury Wedding and Business Summit at the Rosewood Hotel in London

The gifting has taken a turn for the fancier these past few years, and I am always eager to see what we are gifted! My buddy Vanessa Kreckel has impeccable taste, and has a heavy hand in the influence of the gifting.

I chose the more masculine scented Molton Brown shower wash and I love them! The tea was also delicious, and I crushed it super quick, now that Melissa and I have developed quite the fancy British tea habits now. (ha!)

My girl Liz Lemon greets the attendees while they make their choice of cashmere scarf! These are STUNNING. I personally chose the red one ­čÖé

The Engage Luxury Wedding and Business Summit at The Rosewood Hotel in London Tasty beverages at The Engage Luxury Wedding and Business Summit at The Rosewood Hotel in London

Something I love love love is having access to the rooms before everyone else. This is seriously my favorite. I get to see the room, finished, waiting and ready for everyone to walk in, the energy is always exciting and fun!

The Engage Luxury Wedding and Business Summit at The Rosewood Hotel in London

One of my favorite humans, ever. DJ Brian B is one of the most positive people I have ever met. He is always looking out for me and making sure I am included. He’s a gem and a killer DJ!

Had my very first Pimm’s Cup here! It was DELICIOUS!!!

During each break there were copious amounts of food, snacks and drinks along with some really amazing live music. I am SUCH a music fan is this is easily one of the highlights for me!

Location & Host @HRP_Events#TowerOfLondon | Event Creative Director, Planning & Production: @SarahHaywoodWeddings | Technical Production & Set Design: @Wise_Productions | Food & Beverages: @BlueStrawberry_Events | Floral Design: @WildAboutFlower | Music Producer/Entertainment: @ALRstrings @ALRmusic |  Signage, Branding, Stationery: @TPDDesignHouse | Metal Worker: @JulianCarterDesigns | Historical Entertainment: @Past_Pleasures_Ltd / Photos: Carla Ten Eyck @c10ike

This giant metal dragon was made as a back drop for my good friend Gurminder’s photo booth!

A marching band led the attendees through to the Tower of London where they were met with a Game of Thrones themed entrance, complete with the GOT theme song being accompanied with live musicians and a fire show!

I just love everyone’s reactions to it!

This feast was surreal! Absolutely FILLED with florals and food, it was a real treat!

Location: @TLCLondon | Event Creative Director, Planning & Production: @SarahHaywoodWeddings| Technical Production & Set Design: @MaestraGroup | Floral Design: @NeillStrain | Music Producer: @TheDowntownAllStars @ALRmusic | Food & Beverages: @FoodByDish | Furniture: @VelvetLiving | Front of House: @SplendidLondon | Ice Cream: @Pan_n_Ice | Sparkling Wine: @HarrowHope | Signage, Branding, Stationery: @TPDDesignHouse

The after party was aboard a boat, where we were treated to a special raising of the bridge!

It was so fun going under the bridge as it was raised for us!

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