Summer Milford CT Engagement Session

A couple enjoys the waterfalls during their Milford CT engagement session

Lauren and Anthony’s Milford CT engagement session was amazing! Despite the heat, they happily snuggled and enjoyed some sense of normalcy surrounding their wedding during their socially distant engagement session. After not being able to work, and even now, this isn’t really working… it felt so normal to get back ¬†into the flow together. We met at their boat dock in Milford and popped around the docks and area for the amazing view. Thankfully there was a nice breeze on the water while we established some comfort together! I always explain to my couples that the first few minutes can be uncomfortable as they learn their groove with each other and with me. I mean, honestly who has really done this with a professional photographer before? Not many of my clients, and thankfully for them I feel that making people comfortable quickly is one of my special talents. Lauren and Anthony were no exception! After a little while they were laughing and snuggling, despite the intense heat, and I was getting images that made me feel amazing inside and totally back to normal for even just that short time. I have missed photographing my couples so much!

Their boat provided an amazing backdrop for the beginning of our session, and helped them feel comfortable in a space that was familiar to them. I have to say, Anthony was comfortable from the first moment to the very end! It was like he was made for this and I was loving it! I really loved watching the two of them play this game of trust, where Anthony would say something he wanted to do, and Lauren would say ‘No way!’ while walking to do what he wanted. It made me laugh each time because I didn’t have to talk her into anything, and despite her possibly being uncomfortable she trusted Anthony implicitly. It made me so happy to see such a display of trust for them both, and you may think it’s no big deal, but trust me, it is. The level of discomfort I see when people have me photograph them is amazing, honestly. It take a bit to explain what I am looking for and how we can, together, achieve that! It’s not all me, despite what people may think. Working together and creating images that are beautiful is such a team effort and Lauren and Anthony were such team players!

Also can I just say that their outfit styling was so perfect! Simple and colorful without distracting from them both, it worked really well!

Couple poses for their Milford CT engagement session on the boat docks

Right around the corner from their boat is the idyllic downtown Milford CT. With it’s trademark waterfalls and bridge, would you believe with over 18 years of being a professional photographer I have never photographed here before? The timing couldn’t have been better, and with it being Father’s Day it was deserted. We had the entire place to ourselves and the light just glowed perfectly! What a special place.

A couple cuddles during their Milford CT engagement session A couple embraces during their Milford CT engagement session A couple snuggles by the waterfall during their Milford Ct engagement session

These were some of my most favorite images we created! They look so happy and relaxed.

A couple laughs by the waterfall during their Milford CT engagement session

Anthony shared that his parents were married on this very bridge! What a special spot.

A couple gazes into one another's eyes during their Milford Ct engagement session A couple smiles on a swing during their Milford CT engagement session

We ended the session on this gorgeous swing, with the sun making its way down. I had SO much fun with you both and can’t wait for your wedding with Diana of Jubilee Events at the helm!!

A couple sits on a swing during their Milford Ct engagement session


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