Mount Stuart Scotland Wedding with Sarah Haywood

Prepare yourself for the rest of this gorgeous Highlands wedding in Scotland on the Isle of Bute with London based luxury wedding planner Sarah Haywood! When Sarah assembles her teams together for an event, it is unmatched. Even though I had photographed the Highland games earlier in the day, I was not prepared for how gorgeous all the rest of the event would be. It was so understated yet luxurious at the same time, and I loved photographing this wedding so much.

The feast on the evening of the first night was a short walk from Mount Stuart on the property, with the guests being led by three men carrying their roasted pig down to the feast. They were serenaded in by Scottish drummers as smoke from the fire pits lining the walk filled the air. It couldn’t have felt more like we were indeed in Scotland with the smells, the sight of Mount Stuart looming in the background and the powerful feel of those drums and bag pipes filling our hearts. The tent decor had such a lush woodland vibe, with fruits and florals paired together, chandeliers made of antlers and rustic wood chairs.

To see part one, click the link below:

Highlands Party with Sarah Haywood at Mount Stuart Scotland

Creative partners for this amazing event:

Planning + Production: Sarah Haywood, International Luxury Wedding Planners and Party Producers, London, England

Art Direction, Interior Styling, Florals: The Aisle of You, London England

Venue: Mount Stuart, The Isle of Bute, Scotland

Catering: The Last Supper

Bar Service + Creative Cocktails: Holy Water, London England

Entertainment: LP

Fireworks: Alchemy Fireworks

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck, Hartford CT


Fresh figs, plums, grapes, dahlias and peonies make a stunning table accent!

Even the glassware was gorgeous and fit the vibe perfectly!

Tell me those salt and pepper servers weren’t the most darling thing! You all know I wanted one for myself, with both sides filled with salt!! Don’t think I didn’t also love those thick pats of butter with the smallest little sprinkle of salt on top of each slice!


The rustic candelabra centerpieces really set the tone for the feast! I love how the candlvwax dripped down and allowed the piece a chance to evolve and change during the dinner. It felt timeless and perfect.

An underside view of the antler chandeliers!

This alone was pretty. But just you wait.

Each cocktail was smoked with a special moss hand-picked for the drink! It was a spectacle to watch them prepare it, I was almost in a trance!

Give me a break! GORGEOUS!

Honestly if you can make carrots look this good? Loved the color and char marks!

Fire pits all warmed up and ready for the guests to arrive!

Scottish flags a waving, the guests are greeted with bagpipes, drums and fire for their welcome feast!

The evenings entertainment was a Scottish Military Tattoo Performance! Believe me, I had to google this, as I was thinking they were going to come and give us all tattoos! Here is what I found:

“The term comes from the early 17th century Dutch phrase doe den tap toe (“turn off the tap”), a signal sounded by drummers or trumpeters to instruct innkeepers near military garrisons to stop serving beer and for soldiers to return to their barracks, and is unrelated to the Tahitian origins of an ink tattoo.”

It was really cool to see, with all the guests at the castle and the performance all around us!

Day Two: The Official Wedding Day!

Sarah Haywwod had the foresight to fly me out to Scotland just to photograph the event details for her, and boy was she smart. There was SO much to see and photograph, with a staff of over 250 for a guest count of about 65. Details galore at every turn, all meticulously designed and plotted out. None to be missed. The couple had another team of photographers assigned to cover them as most wedding photographers would, with the ficus being on the people and event. I have had this delightful assignment from Sarah a few times and it is a nice change to just focus on the details, which I love photographing. Below is the wedding day prep, of the foyer inside of Mount Stuart. Foxgloves, lupines and thistle abound!

Corners of stairways were outfitted with greenery so the theme carried all throughout the castle. Staircases lined with lanterns, aglow with candles set the mood.

Even the bar garnish station was a work of art!

Whisky and drink barrels were about for guests to refill their flasks they received at the welcome lunch the day before.

The white woodland floral theme carried out to the woods where the wedding ceremony would be held.

Guests were seated on freshly cut tree stumps!

The most darling woodland wedding ceremony set up ever!

The catering team from The Last Supper standing by with picnic baskets filled with sandwiches for the guests to nosh on.

Led by bagpipers, the groom walks with his Mom and leads all of his guests to the wedding.

All the male guests were provided custom tartan kilts for the celebration!

The bride in those killer blue boots! What what!

Can I just say this was one of the absolute coolest things I have ever seen? An owl was trained to fly down and deliver the rings to the bride and groom during the ceremony!!

Little sips and snacks await the guests on their way back from the ceremony.

Back in the wedding tent I am hustling to get all of the details photographed before the guests arrive! These custom napkins are so lovely!!

Escort cards with the silhouette of Mount Stuart- give me a break! Love this detail!

White and grey wedding tent by Sarah Haywood in Scotland at Mount Stuart Candles are lit for a wedding celebration at Mount Stuart Scotland Rustic wedding tent ready for guests to arrive at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute Scotland Rustic wedding tent by Sarah Haywood all ready for guests at Mount Stuart in Scotland Fresh bread at the wedding table setting at Mount Stuart in Scotland

The weather in Scotland is much like the weather in New England, so I was prepared for anything. While the rain held off for the wedding ceremony (which we were all so grateful for, thank you Mother Nature!) the skies gave way during the feast. No one was fussed or worried and the team at Sarah Haywood was prepared to escort guest with giant umbrellas. Personally I think the rain added a lovely feel to the whole event, making it feel more intimate!

Guests arrive at a rainy wedding at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute Scotland

Custom cocktails await the bride and groom.

Bride and groom in Scottish outfits arrive at their wedding in Scotland at Mount Stuart Bride and groom arrive to their wedding at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute Scotland Scottish kilt detail at a wedding at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute Scotland

This while situation cracked me UP!! The bride threw her bouquet about three times, and the same guy caught it!

HILARIOUS! I mean, he legit took out a lady to get it, she is laid out on the ground, laughing hysterically.

Guest catches a bouquet at a wedding at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute Scotland

Then he proposes to the groom. Sorry, he is already spoken for!

Take two!

He can’t be stopped!

Take Three!

Bride throws her bouquet at her wedding at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute Scotland

After a running dive, she gets it!

The evenings entertainment was the talented LP. What a treat to be able to listen to her in such an intimate setting!

Singer LP performs at a wedding at Mount Stuart on the Isla of Bute Scotland

And we end with a fireworks show! Obviously. I mean of course there was an after party too!

Fireworks over a tent at a wedding celebration at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute Scotland

I got to watch the fireworks with Sarah Haywood and her husband Tim and LP. It was such a treat for me!

Guests watch fireworks at a wedding at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute Scotland

Stay tuned for this summer when I get to return to Scotland for the groom’s 50th Birthday Celebration with Sarah Haywood and her elite team. It will be a 5 day party extravaganza and to say I am excited is the understatement of the year!

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    An experience with a different culture like this must have inspired me even more by the art of marriage, and it certainly brings new ideas and new ways of seeing everything! Thanks for sharing!

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