ct winter seaside engagement session

Last week I had a winter engagement session on the beach in Stratford CT, which sounds super fun, and looks even better than it sounds, am I right?? What you can’t tell here is that Coco + Joe, affectionately known as CocoJoe and I were freezing our faces off pretty much the entire time! All I can see when I look through their images is warmth and love. I can still hear Coco’s laugh, inevitable no matter how serious she starts off, erupting like a volcano on a tropical island, so warm and full of life. Joe is like the steadiest of rocks, anchoring Coco no matter where we were shivering together, he was there to keep her warm and happy, also quick with his shy smile. ┬áThese two have such a special place in my heart, and I am so happy and honored to be their photographer. Coco is the third Stafford sibling I have had the absolute pleasure of photographing on their wedding day. At this point I feel like part of their family and just love how that feels. Coco’s sister Liz (my sweet Krankowitz!!) has grown to be one of my very close friends over the years so it feels more like I am photographing my family. To say I am looking forward to seeing everyone and celebrating on the bluffs of Lordship, CT for Coco + Joe’s wedding is like, a super duper understatement! I truly truly cannot wait for your wedding you guys!! XOXOXO

‘She says, ‘it’s cold where you brought me’

He says, ‘Darling, don’t worry

you can stay in my arms

until the springtime comes

We’ll let the snow drift around us

and wait for the robin and the crocus

to tell us that our love has again found the sun’

-The Cowboy Junkies



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