CT Backyard Wedding with Carla Ten Eyck

Bride and groom in a grove of ferns on their wedding day

Alyssa and Garth’s backyard Connecticut wedding was such a joy to photograph. From the second I showed up to the wedding I was treated like family by both Alyssa and Garth and I immediately felt at home, and so welcomed. Alyssa had been following my work for years. In fact, her aunt was Georgie’s second grade teacher. Georgie is now going into her sophomore year of high school so you do the math! When Alyssa and I spoke she was certain I was her photographer from the first moment, and it filled my heart. With such a saturated photography market these days, it can be hard to find those die hard fans of your work like Alyssa is of mine. I am so glad she kept following me and reached out for her wedding day.

Trust was immediate and implicit and I was just allowed the freedom to do my job. What more can I ask for, honestly? The ceremony was on their property that’s been in Garth’s family for over one hundred years! The land was literally steeped in history and it made it all the more special for everyone there.

We had a relaxing schedule where Alyssa got ready in their home, steps away from the tobacco barn, but shielded from all of the guests that were arriving. I was stalking this one big bush and could anticipate that the sun would be in a really wonderful spot for portraits. I was not wrong! We created a whole set of portraits before she saw Garth for their first look. It was a great way to distract her from her nerves and really allow her to just be the beautiful and happy bride that she was!

Bride smiles at her CT backyard wedding Bride poses for pictures at her CT backyard wedding in her lace wedding gown Bride in her backyard CT wedding

As many of you can imagine, I was hooting and hollering here with all of the pretty here! I told Alyssa to just stay there and ran over to show her what I was fussing about: HER! She saw an image on the back of my camera but the message was clear: she was GORGEOUS! She immediately teared up. This is how I see you! Calm. Happy. Beautiful.

Emotional bride at her CT backyard wedding Yellow and pink roses in wedding bouquet

Garth came barreling out their front door so quick to see his bride! He was immediately overcome with emotion and just buried his face in her neck and held Alyssa so tight.

Groom sees his bride during their first look at their backyard wedding in CT

I told Garth, “Show me those tears!” So I got the tiniest of peeps from him. GAH. I love emotional humans!

Emotional bride and groom at their backyard CT wedding

Even though he had seen Alyssa literally moments before for their first look, he was anxiously awaiting her arrival to him at their ceremony in the tobacco barn.

Tears. Laughter. Emotion. Let it all out, I say!

Miss B!! Georgie’s teacher holds such a special place in my heart.

During the ceremony Garth just leans over and gives Alyssa the biggest kiss on her head. It was so sweet and so real.

Happy bride and groom just married at their tobacco barn backyard wedding in CT

Alyssa’s faces all day had me DYING. I had to include a bunch in this post because hello it’s so her!

Go on: look closer at their faces!

Bride and groom at their backyard CT wedding

The light was making me NUTS. So. I had my fun making some pretty amazing portraits of these two love birds.

Bride in the tobacco barn after their backyard CT wedding Bride and groom in the tobacco barn after their backyard CT wedding

This moment.(!!!!!!)

Groom kisses his bride in the tobacco barn at their backyard CT wedding

Down the road about a minute or two I had driven by this little wooded spot with a GAGGLE of ferns.I HAD TO GO BACK. HAD TO. HAD TO. HAD TO.

If I could have rolled around in all of it and pretended to be a fairy in her habitat I would have. But how do you know that I didn’t?

Bride and groom in a fern grove after their backyard CT wedding Happy bride and groom in a grove of ferns after their backyard CT wedding Bride and groom in a fern grove in CT


Alyssa and Garth. Thank you is not sufficient! But it’s all I got. Thank you X 3,000 for being so welcoming and open and real with me and allowing me the space and time to do what I do best: see you both for the loving couple you are. Congratulations on uniting your families. I adore you both!! XOXO

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Carla is an amazing artist and she captures miraculous moments with her tool of choice, her camera. Not only was Carla our photographer but she was my protector, friend, and instantly became a member of the family on our wedding day! The wedding was perfect, but Carla was able to take the day to a whole new level and her artwork proves it!

    Love always your #1 Fan,
    Alyssa 🙂

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