Backyard CT Beach Wedding with Carla Ten Eyck

When I heard my friend Chris was engaged I was so excited. Not only for the fact that he has been Hartford’s most eligible bachelor for like, ever, but also because a party by the Peters family is always a good time, and I knew this one would be one for the books. I’ve known Chris since I was in fifth grade and became instant besties with his cousin Bethany, who is still one of my very best friends to this day, 34 years ago. So we have been through some things in our lives together, as you can very well imagine! I knew it would have to be a special lady to be the one for Chris, and Tarrabeth is just that: super emotional, wears her heart on her sleeve and loves Chris the way he deserves to be loved. ¬†As a friend photographing their wedding, I had insider information that I am well aware that I don’t always have when I am hired to photograph for a client.

Tarrabeth’s Mom Carrie and Chris’ Dad, the former Mayor of Hartford, affectionately known as Mayor Mike had both passed away, and as you can imagine there was a void that was felt by all that day. Well, Chris being Chris he¬†surprised Tarrabeth and their families with a plane that flew by at the most perfect moment with a banner that said ‘We are with you, Carrie + Mayor Mike’ that sent everyone into a cheering roar of love and emotion. It was such a powerful moment and I lost myself in the emotion as I remembered how much I loved and missed Mayor Mike. Thank you Chris and Tarrabeth for trusting me with your day, letting me eat some dam good food and dance and laugh with you all, like always. I love you both! XOXO



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