Chatfield Hollow Inn CT Engagement Session

Couple cuddles during their engagement session at Chatfield Hollow Inn in Killingworth CT

Alexa and Alex’s golden hour engagement session at The Chatfield Hollow Inn in Killingworth CT was incredibly magical! I arrived a little early to The Chatfield Hollow Inn and the sky was ominous; while one side featured bright blue sky with big puffy clouds the other side was dark grey and a little scary looking! A guest at The Chatfield Hollow Inn stopped when she saw me and said rain was about 7 minutes away, so I took a deep breath and started scoping the area looking for reprieve from the impending storm.

One of the things many of my clients worry about is how their photographer will handle rain on their wedding day.

It’s a truly valid concern as many photographers will excel in perfect conditions but the second something goes wrong it can affect their performance. I tend to have a flexible approach to your wedding and engagement session, not only to the weather, which I will be honest I am not afraid of- but to changes in timelines at the last minute, people who are late or missing for family photos or any other (of the many) things that can go wrong.

Keeping my head about me while staying calm with a host of contingency plans on hand is my specialty.

Chances are, with over 18 years of wedding and event photography experience under my belt, I have seen some things happen and been able to pivot and make it all work, most of the times with my clients never even knowing until after their wedding or event.

Alexa and Alex knew rain was coming, and arrived to The Chatfield Hollow Inn for their engagement session right as the rain trickled to a stop, the sun burst through the scarier part of the sky and I greeted them with my smile and a wave.

Couple poses for a photo in the woods of Chatfield Hollow Inn in Killingworth CT

I have worked at The Chatfield Hollow Inn before, and was excited to see my favorite nooks again. Wherever you work, whether you have been there or not before, things will be different. The season may be different or the weather, which will affect the light. I love being able to work on the fly with these changes to see a space in a new light, literally! This forest nook on the property is one of those spaces.

A couple kisses in the forest at Chatfield Hollow Inn in Killingworth CT during their engagement session

Before we officially ended our engagement session, I knew there was a little nook of birch trees, ferns and GOLDEN LIGHT. This trifecta is enough to make me spontaneously combust into a pile of glitter!!! Luckily Alex and Alexa were all warmed up and cuddly and were absolutely PERFECT!

Alexa and Alex, I am so so excited for your wedding back at The Chatfield Hollow Inn this fall!

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