Intimate Colorful Wedding by Amy Champagne Events

Two brides kiss at their LGBTQ Wedding with Amy Champagne Events

Last week’s  intimate, colorful LGBTQ wedding that was filled with surprises! Lindsey and Amanda’s wedding skyrocketed me back into full on wedding glory orbit. It was full of all of the things that make my heart beat extra, love; two gorgeous brides ready to join their families together, bold, unapologetic color, the perfect weather, SURPRISES!, did I say love? So much LOVE LOVE LOVE. For the past eight years I have worked with the talented ladies of Amy Champagne Events, lead by their fearless and amazing leaders, Amy Jones. Our industry is pretty close knit and Amy and I have weathered many industry highs and lows, with this current pandemic being the lowest. When I heard that her associate planner and right hand gal Lindsey got engaged to her long time girlfriend Amanda, I was so excited for them both. Working in the wedding industry and then being on the other side of the curtain is such an interesting experience, and I felt ecstatic for Lindsey to be the object of everyone’s attention, adoration and love for her wedding. Not to mention that being able to marry the person you love legally is a right that the LGBTQ community does not take for granted. I know I don’t. As a member myself of the LGBTQ community I am painfully aware of this and cherish every gay wedding that I photograph.

Enter stage left: The Pandemic. After multiple reschedules and date shuffles and a dream of eloping in Provincetown falling apart, Amy decided to take over. She offered to just surprise Lindsey and Amanda with their dream wedding, and not tell them anything but the date and that their two besties would be there with them. That’s IT. They had no clue on who would be there working it, the design, literally nothing! These kinds of surprises make me so happy and I was beyond ecstatic to be on the team for their wedding.

Amy filled the team in on the design ideas, and showed us her sketches for the lighting, and ombre floral runner. My heart was already a flutter at the sketches I saw in there email. When I walked in and saw the gorgeous masterpiece that Carrie Wilcox created I was just about to burst out of my dress with excitement!

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck  @c10ike

Food & Beverage: On The Marc Events / @onthemarcevents

Lighting design: Shin Dig Lighting / @shindiglighting

Cinematography: Will Talamelli Films / @willtalamellifilms

Lounge & Rentals: Gather and Lounge @gatherandlounge

Lindsey’s Dress & Alterations: Miss Hayley Paige @misshaleypaige for A Little Something White / @alittlesomethingwhitebridal

Floral & Event Design: Carrie Wilcox Floral Design / @cwfloraldesign, dahlias @muddyfeetflowers

Officiant & Music Master: DJ Lion King / @djlion23 aka Nala Torres

Paper Story: Coral Pheasant / @coralpheasant

Hair & Makeup: Blush Bridal CT / @blush_bridalct

Event Design & Production: Amy Champagne Events  / @amychampagneevents + @andreahandrea

Queen Nala Torres’ Hair + Makeup: @yourhairblew

Here, Lindsey and Amanda get their first glimpse at their table!


Since their elopement in Provincetown got squashed, Amy thought she would bring a little bit of Provincetown to them: enter Jeremy of DJ Lion King fame!

A drag queen at an LGBTQ wedding by Amy Champagne Events A plus size bride gets ready in her Hayley Paige wedding dress at her LGBTQ wedding

Since I was a surprise for them I didn’t have a chance to go over anything with them before their wedding day. So this was a first, for sure! Everything, while lightly scheduled by Amy was open to changing based on lighting, or literally anything. When I showed up Amy mentioned that there would be no first look, but after getting dressed Lindsey said that is Amanda was open to it, she would do it! Good thing I am great with change, and I pivoted and found the spot and made it happen!

Two brides kiss at their LGBTQ Wedding with Amy Champagne Events Two brides laugh at their LGBTQ wedding in Weston CT Two brides kiss at their LGBTQ Wedding with Amy Champagne Events

We almost started the ceremony but then the light peeped over the house like THIS and I started to just freak OUT and so it goes. Portrait time! It was magical, like a gift from the universe and I was more than happy to accept it, heart wide open, camera in hand, mouth making all kinds of noises as we just let this magic business unfold for us!

Two brides pose for photos during their LGBTQ wedding in Weston CT

Can you even stand it?? NEITHER COULD I, GUYS. NEITHER COULD I!!!!

Two brides pose for photos during their LGBTQ wedding in Weston CT Two brides pose for photos during their LGBTQ wedding in Weston CT

Lindsey could literally NOT keep her eyes off Amanda. It was the most adorable thing!!

Intimate colorful LGBTQ wedding with two brides during golden hour in Weston CT Intimate colorful LGBTQ wedding with two brides during golden hour in Weston CT

This ombre floral wedding ceremony arch made my mouth water with delight! Can I get an AMEN??

Two brides laugh during photos at their LGBTQ wedding in Weston CT

I am writing this post before I am supposed to be going to bed… and I am ALL WOUND UP! These images make my heart literally beat out of my chest with excitement. They are so beautiful, these two are so happy and in love and the color just fills my soul.

Two brides pose for photos near their rainbow ombre floral wedding arch in Weston CT Two brides kiss at their intimate LGBTQ wedding in Weston CT

I had to do some portraits by this table. HAD TO. had to. HAD TO.

As if I couldn’t love this handsome man any more!!

Intimate LGBTQ wedding in Weston CT Colorful floral runner for LGBTQ wedding in Weston CT

Some people do a sand ceremony where they mix sands from their special places they have been into one container. These two mixed their two favorite liquors together to make one drink, then did a shot together! Can’t say I have seen this before but I loved how surprised they both were at how good it was!


intimate wedding set up for LGBTQ wedding in Weston CT Colorful ombre floral table runner for LGBTQ wedding in Weston CT

Rainbow ombre floral table runner for LGBTQ wedding in Weston CT Colorful wedding floral inspiration in Weston CT

These salmon rice tater tots as Lindsey calls them are to DIE for! On The Marc crushed the food, as per usual!

I’m not quite sure you all could tell how much fun I had photographing all of these colorful and beautiful details….

My two brides snuggling in to one another as the chill crept in for the evening.

This pink roller skate vase set my head on fire!!!

Retro roller-skate pink vase wedding floral inspiration


They FaceTime’d with Lindsey’s Mom during dinner, it was really sweet to see how happy they were for them both.

I was also told there would be no first dance… until there was! HORRAY!

Amanda got up on a chair to spin her wife… it was such a sweet moment.

Lindsey and Amanda, my two beautiful brides, congratulations to you both! It was the biggest honor to be there photographing your very obvious love for one another. Your day was perfect in every way and I am proud to have been a part of it!

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