Woodsy Lakeside New Hampshire Wedding

Where do I even begin with Courtney and Matt’s woodland fairytale magical New Hampshire wedding?? Perhaps the inquiry is where it all started… and the short story is, we were just absolutely meant to work together. Courtney’s energy is unmatched. Her smile, her laugh, her very presence makes you feel like you are getting in a sun-warmed car after hours in the air conditioning; your skin tingles as it heats up and it just feels SO DAMN GOOD. Being around Courtney is a special feeling. You are the most important person, the most loved, the funniest, the BEST. She brings out the best in everyone, every time. There may be a point where you ask yourself, is she for real? I am here to tell you, yes she indeed is very much for real! I got to see her light up like Clark Griswold’s house when they finally figure out the power, with each and every friend at her wedding. Each. And. Every. Person. She comes alive, animated, smiling, huggy as all get-out, and makes each person feel the most special, the most seen, the most loved.

She is balanced out beautifully with her husband, Matt. He is quieter, more reserved, maybe even seen as shy, or cautious. But do’t be fooled. Once he feels comfortable around you his smile breaks out quickly, he laughs and just relaxes completely. Bringing shyer folks out of their shells is literally one of my favorite pastimes. I LOVE establishing comfort and safety and a genuine connection with people and allowing them to just be who they are. If that’s quieter, that’s beautiful because that is who they are. Not everyone can shine as bright as someone like Courtney but seeing that balance of the two of them was like a well orchestrated Coldplay song, with it’s hills and valleys and trips it takes you on, ending in one giant, fabulous peak of the song where your heart just swells and spills over. Yeah, Courtney and Matt are exactly like that.

Do you see what I mean when I say we were just meant to work together?

Amazing creative partners for this gorgeous fairytale woodland wedding in New Hampshire:

Venue: Big Diamond Pond, Stewartstown New Hampshire

Wedding Dress Designer: Essence of Australia

Bridal Boutique: Bella Sera, Danvers MA

Tuxedo: Vera Wang

Florals: Clementina Floral Co. / @cfloralco

Catering: White Mountain Chalet Caterers

Rehearsal dinner and wedding night pizza: Diamond Peaks

Bartenders: Stressless Events

Hair and Makeup: Chris Eason

Jewelry Designer: Maureen Connors

Landscaping: Yeti Man, The Houle Family, The Little Family, The Beauchemin Family

Extra love and help: Cabin Community, The Connors Family, The Houle Family, The Little Family, The Beauchemin Family, The Kenny Family, The Johnson Family, The Urqhuart Family

Stationery: The Knot + Minted
Their wedding was on their property on this sweet little lake / pond called Big Diamond Pond. We were literally almost in Canada and deep in the land of ATV-ing and snowmobiling and rustic world! I felt like I was completely in another country and I absolutely LOVED it! We started the day at their cabin, all decked out in its woody glory. We, ( led by her friend Chris who I adore!) were the consummate team, all of us pitching in to help get Courtney’s hair done (I was the BEST bobby pin holder, let me tell you!)

Courtney and Matt decided to see one another and do a first look before their ceremony. I scouted out the spots they mentioned and settled on this spot that really showcased where we were and gave them space to just be.

I knew having a spot close by for some portraits would be important, since time was a big factor here for their New Hampshire wedding. Luckily the woods had a few magical spots and paths for us to duck into and I went promptly into FULL SPAZ MODE. See below for evidence to support why.

This mossy nonsense literally lit my BRAIN on fire!! I also learned of a new phrase for all of us moss loving weirdos: GOBLIN CORE. Yes Courtney you are welcome!

One of MANY photos of this stunning bouquet. I was a woman obsessed!

A bride and groom pose for photos in the mossy woods during their New Hampshire wedding.

Yep. This on a mossy stump? HELL YEAH.

A couple poses in the woods for photos during their New Hampshire wedding.

I see a path? I wanna go see where it goes. It’s just my nature and Courtney and Matt were down to clown!

A couple walks in the woods for photos during their New Hampshire wedding.

We emerged from the woods of New Hampshire into freaking MONTANA or something because hello WHERE EVEN ARE WE HERE??? Someplace beautiful, I can tell you that!

A couple kisses during photos at their New Hampshire wedding.

OK. So add to all the absolute pretty a dash or a bucket full of emotional, loving and kind people and just put me to pasture guys, I am DONE.

Another sign that we were meant to me a photographer / couple couple: My clients Kate and Chris were here (I had photographed their STUNNING wedding a few years back) and as it happens Kate’s brother Nick is Courtney’s BFF! If I love anything more than warm socks on a chilly day it’s a small beautifully interconnected world!

I also love ring bearers and flower girls. Oh! And dogs in clothes!

The entire day was overcast. Not a speck of blue sky to be seen all the live long day. EXCEPT literally only for their ceremony! That was one thing that Courtney really wanted; was to feel the sun on her face while exchanging vows with her person. Someone has some pull here, because that is exactly what she got!

A couple exchanges vows but he lake during their New Hampshire wedding. A bride gets emotional as she walks down the aisle at her New Hampshire wedding.

OOOOF. I have been loving these tender moments of Mothers with their daughters.

And daughters with their Fathers.

And mountain top views that make me want to just YELL and celebrate!

A couple poses for photos during their New Hampshire wedding by the mountains. A couple lots lovingly at one another at their New Hampshire wedding.

We *may or may not have all gotten Lyme disease from adventuring in this field but I would say it was worth it!

OK so ALSO. I had scouted a stream on the ride down back to the view that they wanted above and about 4 minutes down (I know bc I timed it) there was this absolutely EPIC stream with a sweet and easy little path to it that I thought originally would be THE spot for their first look. Can you even imagine?? Well. On our way to them we saw a family of about 12 meandering their way in with chairs and coolers and blankets and just STUFF to enjoy their day by the stream. I mean wouldn’t you? It’s absolutely beautiful with plenty of safe beautiful pools to cool off in and little spots to explore. The place was magical. But also you should have heard my mouth on the drive up! I was HEARTBROKEN to not be able to bring Courtney and Matt here for this!

Now. See below for why my heart was restored to its natural beautiful shape of FULL. I suggested it and they said HECK YES and I think I did a good job convincing them it was worth the short drive there!

A couple poses for photos in a stream during their New Hampshire wedding. A couple laughs in a stream during their New Hampshire wedding

I had shoes that could be submerged in water and so into the water I went! Anything for the shot, baby! This New Hampshire wedding was making me get wild!

I could have spent HOURS in that stream that would have ended up with them absolutely submerged! But the wedding reception called and so we headed back for the party!

Then shit got a little weird, in an amazing way! Everyone’s personalities just came out and everyone was having SO MUCH FUN!

Damn Daddy!! He knows what’s up. Patrick was delightful!

I decided to use their ceremony set up as the spot for their flat lay and I loved it!

The toasts were something else. That Nick absolutely tore UP his toast and had everyone laughing so hard! Go Wheaton Lyons!!!!!

Fun fact: Courtney can shotgun a beer in FOUR SECONDS.  I saw it!!!

We ended the night with a beautiful fireworks display. I was curled up in a ball in my dress on the grass to get these and I couldn’t have orchestrated a better end to an epic, amazing weekend.

Courtney and Matt, what can I even say?? Your New Hampshire wedding was perfect, full of love and fun moments and dancing and strawberry shortcake and FIREWORKS!! It’s like marriage and life, right. Small moments all interwoven into something beautiful and fun and challenging but so, so worth it in the end. Here’s to a long, full marriage together!

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