Classically Beautiful Wedding at the Delamar Hotel Greenwich


Erica and Brandon’s absolutely classical GORGEOUS wedding at The Delamar Hotel in Greenwich CT was a beautiful day filled with happy families and the world’s cutest dog, Lucy. Erica is one of the most photogenic people I have worked with, and that isn’t even because she looks so much like Anne Hathaway if she were playing Snow White! Then: give Brandon a hard look and maybe you will see a young Dustin Hoffman or John Cusak or if Dustin and John had a son it would be Brandon. Tell me I’m wrong! So with this in my head all day I was photographing away excitedly and then would giggle a little every once in a while because the resemblance was uncanny for them both! Erica if you have not dressed up as Snow White for Halloween- do it! I mean, look at the photograph above and tell me you can’t picture little birds perched on her shoulder. Beautiful!

Add to this fun the Delamar, a place that I just love to work at. The staff is always so helpful, efficient and inviting to me every time I show up. It makes a girl feel so welcomed and just good inside, so thank you to everyone that works there! Not to mention how beautiful the rooms are, how soft that light can be as it streams into the windows… it’s a photographic heaven in my opinion and I love seeing it with fresh eyes each time I am there.

When Erica contacted me for her wedding a while back, and I asked her how she found me, she told me that she found me in 2009 on YouTube. in 2009! I was so happy to have someone want to hire me after following my work for so long. We all grow and flow and change and evolve, and that Erica wanted to stick with me after all these years was a testament to how clearly she saw my work, the light I was attracted to and how I saw color and emotion and moment. My work resonated with her for that long, and honestly that’s all we want as creative professionals: to have that implicit trust from people who want to hire us to fulfill the dreams they had for their wedding or event.What more could I ever ask for, honestly?


When Erica told me how she had to get into her gown, she kept saying how ‘unphotogenic’ it would be. Um. I seriously beg to differ, sweet girl! Look at that happiness!

While I was working with the ladies my second photographer, Nikki was downstairs with the gents. Super dapper group of Doctors here, wouldn’t you agree?

See what I mean about that light? It’s so. Pretty! NO matter which way you look at it!

Then this little sweetie pie came in and is just the most well behaved little dog! She loves to be held and is sweet and gentle. I was beyond obsessed with her… not sure if you can tell by the sheer number of images on this blog post alone!

We had set up the first look outside, but there was the smallest sliver of shade for us. Too risky. I changed the location last minute- and love how this space worked out. The light was perfect and it was private and exactly what we wanted.

We had the best time creating these portraits and I was trying to keep it together because I was so happy. ERICA look how beautiful you are!!

House of Flowers did a phenomenal job on the flowers!

Grandma was just the sweetest, most smiley woman!

As always, Ana Parzych does not disappoint with her cakes! Always stunning and beyond beautiful!

I think they all loved how much I made them cuddle…!

Erica. What can I even say?? I am SO glad we got to finally meet in person and have me there for your amazing and gorgeous wedding. Brandon I loved seeing how happy you are both together and how much you loved to ‘come visit’ Erica for pictures, I hope you both keep that tradition alive and well in Chicago!

Creative Partners for the day:

venue: Delamar Hotel, Greenwich CT + L’escale

wedding gown: Amsale

bridesmaids gowns: Amsale

hair and makeup: Larissa Lake and Co.

cake: Ana Parzych, Cheshire CT

videography: Tom Morlock, Vantage Point Films

flowers: House of Flowers

DJ: DJUSA, Long Island NY

ceremony musicians: Capriccio Ensemble

Cocktail Musicians: Jay and Lee Rumba Flamenca

Placecards: WinkPinkInk via Etsy



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