New York City Hall Wedding with Carla Ten Eyck


A big perk of my job as a professional photographer is the education and travel portion of my job. Three times a year I attend / speak or photograph at the renowned Engage Luxury Business Summit, that takes place in high end resorts all over the world! It is a place to learn, network and connect with like-minded wedding industry professionals at the top of their game. My favorite part of this is really getting to know these creative partners as people, not just for the work and accolades that they have achieved. One of my favorite people that I have connected with is Kathleen. She is the owner of Donna Morgan, a fashion house responsible for bridesmaids and bridal attire along with every day wear, based in New York City. I was introduced to Kathleen by Susan and Heather of Gifts for the Good Life, as they ushered Kathleen over to have her portrait taken by me as part of the long-standing portrait project I do at each Engage Conference. It’s a wonderful way to not only meet industry professionals but to have them experience what it’s like to be in front of my camera, with me directing and guiding them to create a beautiful, true portrait of themselves. I had no idea how much Kathleen disliked having her photograph taken until after we were done and she told me how much fun she just had with me and how rare that is! I hugged her and thanked her heartily for NOT sharing that with me until after we were done! Nothing like the added pressure of knowing someone loathes being photographed, while you are attempting to get them to relax and be comfortable! After that Kathleen hired me to photograph her 2015 + 2016 Donna Morgan Bridesmaids collections and we got to know one another even more. To the point where she felt comfortable with me being the photographer for her wedding at City Hall in New York City, to Tom, one of the sweetest and loving people! It was a whirlwind of a day and was topped with Robyn + Richie being their best man + maid of honor (who are also former clients of mine!) We had the best time and I truly feel like I was able to show who Kathleen and Tom truly are, in all of their wedded bliss! Congrats Kathleen + Tom, thank you so much for trusting me with your day! XOXO

Creative Partners:

Getting ready venue: St. Regis New York



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